11 days after my rhinoplasty

  1. I gotta admit that I really like the before nose. But I just like masculine looking noses on men. The after is a lot more feminine. But it’s one of the best nosejobs I have seen! Very natural looking as well.

  2. There is not much of an upturn. It’s straight with just a little higher tip. The rest is swelling, I am 11 days past surgery here so I have to wait atleast a few months more to see the final result. Tip will also drop more.

  3. Looks fantastic, especially for so soon after surgery! I have a very similar nose to your before picture as well and hope my surgery turns out like this. It's crazy to me how people here are always really supportive of women getting rhinoplasties and offer encouragement as long as it looks functional, but for men everyone feels free to judge that we should be stuck with a nose that is disproportionate and that we don't like just because it's more masculine.

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