Chapter 1063 and 1064 Proved to Me that the Nika Reveal Doesn't Work

  1. Yeah, I found this very strange when Kaido said “In the end, a strong devil fruit power isn’t enough to conquer these seas! Look at Roger. He had no devil fruit power and still brought the world to heel! Such hurdles can only be overcome with haki!”. Kaido said that the thing that matters most is haki and not devil fruits but the only reason why Luffy beat Kaido is because Luffy has a devil fruit that has the power of a god. It’s kinda contradicting what Kaido said about how devil fruit power isn’t enough to “conquer these seas”

  2. I get where you're coming from, but a lot of these things are the beauty and frustration that comes with different interpretations.

  3. Thanks for sharing ur interpretation. I won’t comment on everything that u said (it’s like 3 am here and I need to go to bed) but I appreciate hearing a different perspective of the story.

  4. It’s a common theory that Blackbeard may end up stealing Luffy’s fruit ending with A Luffy Haki win, which could clear this.

  5. Fwiw one of the definitive themes of one piece according to Oda is inherited will, which is perfectly encapsulated by the Nika fruit as Luffy is inheriting the will of Roger and Joyboy. Your suggested theme of willpower overcoming all isn’t necessarily wrong but I would probably take a step back and re-examine the story before saying that gear 5 isn’t thematically congruent with the rest of the story.

  6. That’s actually a good point. Maybe I’ve been looking at OP from a different perspective then I should’ve.

  7. Like you said, regardless of awakening his DF would have been a component of his winning attributes… So giving him an awakening, regardless of what it’s called, now allows him to make other things other than himself into rubber and that’s not a whole lot different… Bot different enough for it to ruin ANY themes the series has already set up imo

  8. You realize luffy uses devil fruit since chapter one. Pre time skip luffy saved countries, guided people etc etc ( chosen one trope) without haki (until marinford arc). If you are looking for a theme which is devil fruit vs haki and any devil fruit powerup will ruin it for you, then we are way past it, we are a thousand chapter past it. Even with nika theme still works if you look at luffy's choice and not power he uses coz he will use both.

  9. The point was never "devil fruits don't matter". It was that haki is the end-all be all. Luffy defeated kaido with haki, not his devil fruit. Even with nika, if it wasn't for the technique he learned to hit kaido without touching, he'd of lost.

  10. I mean I get where you’re coming from but lately it seems like people see one of the hundred of themes One Piece has emphasized and say the entire series is centered around this specific theme.

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