Why didn't rayleigh showed a sign of surprise for roger's son or try to help him

  1. Why would Rayleigh help whitebeard’s son? Ace is barely associated with Roger besides being part of his bloodline. A better question would be why didn’t Rayleigh go help whitebread?

  2. I think he couldn't get to Marineford fast enough from Sabaody because that man is a menace that doesn't ride ships anymore, he just swims.

  3. He absolutely could have done it, it’s just not his era anymore. He won’t solve problems unless they’re right in front of him

  4. Im sure inside Rayleigh's head, the connections were already there. I wouldnt be surprised Roger told Rayleigh already considering him and Roger are basically best friends. For Rayleigh, he knows a crap ton about the world and its conditions, and probably understands why Whitebeard went the way he did. I dont believe Whitebeard would have been appreciative to have seen Rayleigh come to "save" the day. Plus we already had Shanks show up, and I am sure that Shanks would have shown up pre-WB-death if he wanted to. There is probably a deeper reason for the deaths of Ace and WB to occur, at least according to Shanks and Rayleigh. And if anyone knows what they are doing, its those two.

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