r/PiratedGames got banned…

  1. incorrect. This sub was never banned. We got an admin telling us we're getting too many copyright notices and to handle it. And we handled it by scrubbing everything

  2. A bit off topic. I used to think if a subreddit was banned, the mods also get banned especially if it's copyright related but that isn't the case is it?

  3. Biggest problem with Reddit is the content policing, I get why they do it but it’s a real bummer. God speed, hope the reinstate the sub.

  4. If you go to messages and click "all" you might find his username by looking for his reply to your comment

  5. anyone have the alternative site of their wiki/megathread? that's the most important content in the sub.

  6. Every subreddit I am part of slowly gets banned. Reddit's only purpose is becoming pornography

  7. reddit will eventually share the fate of sites its made obsolete as it becomes more like the things it replaced..

  8. Lol the amount of people that were sharing links to Spider-Man downloads was shocking. Not surprised to be honest. Ton of new users came in looking for Spider-Man I guess.

  9. Yeah I noticed that, since the S p i d e r man game was cracked many DMCA notices were spreading Reddit and other platforms.

  10. Reddit (the company) isn't very good about following its own rules, just like how a lot of subs' mods are not very good about following their own rules.

  11. A serious answer to that is that users on the sub kept linking download links and torrents directly, which is something you shouldn't do at all. So as a response to DMCA requests, reddit removed the sub.

  12. I get your point, but people were really being little shits by sharing actual links for the Spidey game. How daft do you have to be to do that?

  13. It needed like a pinned 'Monday ask your questions in here' thread. ( A thread made every Monday and u ask your questions in there) any other posts made that is a question should be removed by auto moderator.

  14. This sub was close to getting boinked off Reddit many times in the past. Generally, if that happens, some of the stuff like the megathread is still available externally. All the discussions etc. will be gone and the best way to go forward is to go to some site where they don't censor communites BUT these sites are usually full of right wing conspiracy theory nutjobs so nobody wants to use them. So ya it would basically be the end of this community.

  15. In all honesty, was there a functional difference between that sun and this one? Aside from who the actual sub members and mods were obviously. Although at least for members I’m sure there was a large overlap between the two places.

  16. Damn that sucks, I love it how these big corporations complain about people pirating but yet don't wanna do anything about besides try stomping out people doing instead of just letting buy some of this shit again like video games and movies and TV shows, let me guess and I'm just throwing this out there did Nintendo issue this? Or was it a different company similar?

  17. If I'm not mistaken - I remember when there was JAV Download center, a great place to get JAV xxx, but it got banned and some people made House Of Mega. I don't use it very often these days but it's still a decent alternative imo

  18. I just browse firgirl, CS RIN, and steam unlocked occasionally. 9 times out of 10 it’s the same games being posted there as on community places like reddit

  19. Reddit is not gonna fight a major company like Sony lmfao (idk who sent them copyright claims tho) they are tiny compared to them

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