Johnny Sparrow is coming for ye shows

  1. You should watch the Woodstock 99 documentary before you do it then. Just as good. Cancelled mine today finally, and Disney+.

  2. I threw in the towel on Netflix last year. I was a long time customer, started with them when it was DVDs in the mail. They served me well for a long time, but after so many price hikes and loss of content I was done. I can't imagine anyone sticking with them through their latest shenanigans.

  3. In order to fully enjoy my catalogue of movies as it stands, I would need to subscribe to four different streaming services, buy movies on some of them and one of them isn't available in my country so...

  4. I'm willing to pay a certain amount for convenience, and I wanted to share my account with my mom, who isn't super technically inclined and has some minor ethical problems with pirating, but I told her about their planned password sharing crackdown and that we're gonna need to teach her how to use some different streaming websites.

  5. Well being on the sub does not exclude someone from ever buying stuff. I pirate stuff, but I also buy plenty of media too. I have a pretty big collection of original blu-ray releases I bought retail over the years. I have a number of video games I bought legit. I pay for Amazon Prime mainly for the shipping benefits, but I still use the streaming that comes with it. They actually have some good shows.

  6. I’ve been out of the loop for close to a decade as far as swashbuckling is concerned. Is there a friendly “port” I should sail to?

  7. I'm pretty sure this will severely backfire, and instead of gaining revenue, they'll see number of subscribers plummet. If people are smart enough, that is.

  8. I’ve been the fourth pic since before Netflix was even a DVD rental service! Password, schmassword.

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