Thoughts on Gherk’s VUPs Indicator going into Tomorrow?

  1. It seems to take a few days after touching to see VUPS, it looks like the touching is happening while stock is shorted/goes down, then then DIVERGENCE is what is correlates to the VUPS. So I don't think tomorrow will be the day if we're going by historical data. But we're close....

  2. Actually, based on the timeframe it looks like the runs happen AFTER the lines diverge. Notice that the overlap lasts for a little while before they diverge. The divergences in March and May occur around their OPEX cycles. So I think we should run in August OPEX.

  3. It would seem we are going to go down and then run which is what we've been missing this whole time. The good ole fashioned short it hard before the rip.

  4. I would be interested to see how the indices performed during that timeframe compared to now. It’s hard to draw a conclusion from 2 past events, but it’s useful as a “You Are Here” indicator.

  5. I threw all my saving into calls last Thursday and took healthy profits yesterday. I know better than to hold options past T+2 when the price is slowly creeping up.

  6. Before March and before May we saw big downs after the lines flipped from diverging to converging. This is not what’s been happening (so far) which makes me want to draw the conclusion of big downs now while the two lines get closer to touching, then continuing down for a week or two after crossing and then finally big VUPs.

  7. Big downs means they have ammunition for shorting. Right now obligations are compounding and they need to cover. I am not saying that they cant short (because they always do) but maybe their capacity is somewhat limited until they cover obligations.

  8. Ok so if and only IF I'm reading it correctly, I think the indicator tells us that we will either see downside or a shit ton of boofing (internalization) in the next couple of days, because the lines get closer the lower GME go and get farther apart when GME runs.

  9. Tomorrow will probably not lead to much haha, they’re still far apart, and it could always diverge or something. I’m suspicious because this isn’t really happening at the right time, and the other data isn’t lining up for anything really at all.

  10. Thanks for going in-depth with your outlook on this!! And thank you for working hard on the indicator in the first place!

  11. Truly a beautiful sight. Similar to the dumpster behind the Sistine Chapel where there is a beautiful painting of Lady VWAP blessing the first Dan with her gracious touch.

  12. Seeing the 2nd plot, its seems that we are about to crash heavily as the 2 curves approach? Shed calls imminently? Get prepared for Gherk to sell covered calls?

  13. If anything, it’s more about when the yellow snaps down after being in contact with the green. Yellow contact to green looks bad… that’s when downs happen. But after it snaps back is where the big gains are. So it looks like the next month could suck and we will be going down. But once they start to diverge we will have big ups around august

  14. Sounds like a plan. This split really annoying messing with the cycle. Should be making money on puts not calls right now.

  15. The third iteration demonstrated here substantiates the indicator lines can converge during positive price action. That's justification enough to think the tips can touch and then diverge without requiring that the divergence be preceded by downward price action.

  16. Itm CC’s being listed on Craigslist “seeking arrangements” tomorrow afternoon fellas and lady and Dans. Two ReeeCooo’s for premium season

  17. Gents on the July 6 corporate announcements of the split then July 11 week we had the marketplace go live , if we didn’t then those events the lines trends would of continued & the price would of tended down. Looks like next Tuesday or Wednesday we could have a big run

  18. We are in unusual times and this research is very alpha. It's like an EaseOfMovement of the volume of two stocks dancing in the night...

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