Tomorrow’s Potential Run

  1. My thoughts but I know nothing. RC strategically picked this week for a reason, maybe expecting OPEX run. That’s solely why I remain bullish. Of course, where the volume though? Could obligations have been can kicked further?

  2. What if RC knew exactly what the last day they’d have to cover would be, announced it right after they kicked the can and made the split the day after to inflict max pain 🤔

  3. Isn't it possible that we were always on FMAN, it was only Feb that got pushed to March because of the holiday, then we did have OPEX in May, so the next OPEX will be in August.

  4. My thoughts as well. Though it would mean that closing puts on XRT isn’t a reliable indicator for volumetric runs. Also something to note is that there’s the possibility they hedged in advance in both June and July as the price steadily climbed into both opex periods.

  5. Held my ITM weeklies longer than I feel good about but hey, I have held weeklies and lost so many other times and there weren’t any stock splits due the next day! Figured what the hell- let’s go!

  6. Make sure you and your pickle proceed with caution tomorrow. The odds of an opex run are very minimal.

  7. They have seen the options chain and settle obligations when it suits them best. They always have ways around it. Nobody including gherk knows when it will happen. When we figured out the cycles they changed the game because they knew we figured out the cycles. Now we try to figure out their new shit show.

  8. I gave up on Tuesday and took profits. If we're not seeing big vups in AH I seriously doubt were going to see a run tomorrow. I would love to be wrong, but this price action looks too similar to February and June.

  9. Anyone know what Gherks opinion of the "critical margin line" is? I don't watch enough to have heard

  10. The critical margin theory is a pretty line drawn by a crayon eating guy with no knowledge on anything. Between swaps, FTD's, mismarked obligations, derivatives, and prime brokers holding obligations theres very little concern of margin challenges. Think about it, why would any prime broker force obligations to be closed if it would certainly set off a catastrophic financial event that would potentially bankrupt them? At the end of the day, the biggest players can and will make decisions and exceptions as long as they have the ability to do so. It will take 08 levels of collapse for them to lose control.

  11. There are public documents that show that margin calls were waived during the sneeze. Margin doesn't mean diddly. There is not currently a line in the sand.

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