Thoughts on this?

  1. Dude it's a SS post, just ignore it since they have no clue what they're talking about over there. This OPEX run had all the makings of a rug pull or NOPEX since the get go. Make sure you use stop losses tomorrow.

  2. The premise that the split was “teased” in June appears to be a misunderstanding of the shareholder vote to increase the authorized number of shares. A SHF would not be confused in this way, so there was no rope-a-dope by RC.

  3. Yup. I'm not even on the Discord (should probably change that, am Dillionaire) but I discredit about 99.69% of what is generated from that sub thanks to this sub and daily stonkin with Gherks livestream. That subs sole purpose for me is alerting when someone says dumb shit on twitter.

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