So Bullish or Skeptical about next week?

  1. I bought a couple $125 calls expiring next Friday and plan to exercise them. I’m really curious as to what will happen next week. I’m wondering if apes will stay away and not buy on Tuesday-Thursday since they may be afraid they won’t get the split shares. May be a chance for SHF to drive the price down. Should be an exciting week. This week was great I loved seeing the steady climb early in the week. I was honestly surprised we broke $150 yesterday, but I’m hoping that was just a test for what will come next week.

  2. I agree, it’s exciting and nerve racking all at the same time. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. That’s mostly why I bought in a starter call position was to have some skin in the game before next week kicks off. My hope is institutional interest pours in if we begin a run up. I too was impressed by our strength and signs of solid support at $130-$135 this week. Good luck

  3. Nothing in the options chain supports the current price next week. MMs will dehedge and crash the price, if OPEX is due the MMs will sell into covering and what we’ll probably see is just slow bleeding.

  4. Yeah I agree the timing is strategic for sure. I’ve heard he is a student of the markets. He started learning about the stock markets when he was a teenager; I’m sure he has more knowledge about what’s going then we do. Hopefully he did time it correctly and we capitalize on that decision. Good luck.

  5. Yeah me too, waiting til Monday to see what unfolds to fully enter a position. I too will roll the dice on some weeklies as well. I like the degen contracts too.

  6. Nice! Fidelity hasn't approved me for option trading. If I apply on Monday morning, do you think I can buy calls on Monday itself or is that too early for Fidelity to approve me?

  7. Same, I'm holding my shares as always, but have only bought a few Jan 950C for an IV play. I burnt myself fairly decently on Feb OPEX and am being much more cautious on this one. Since I am not heavily levered up on calls it will prob rip lol.

  8. I'm not sure. I bought 10% of my desired position today. I'm willing to chase next week if I happen to be at my desk when it happens. Otherwise, I can feel good that I'm finally exercising some risk management lol

  9. if u decide to chase, are you going to focus on short dated or further out contracts? im trying to decide if i should just buy calls a couple months out, then dump ‘em if it doesnt pop the way we want, when we want…

  10. Yeah I get it, I’m neutral as well but feeling better about a run after todays price support strength and end of day run. Risk management is important, I feel the same about wanting a little more confirmation before fully entering a call position. I’ll be looking at positive price volume for that. Good luck and have a great weekend

  11. I’m particularly sus, because unlike previous runs where we entered opex with a huge put position on the chain that unwinds, we have essentially no negative market maker hedge, and Monday will likely mark the new all time low OI on the options chain since the sneeze. Also different from previous runs is that all of the options activity was concentrated to this week, meaning All of that positive market maker hedge is going to dump next week.

  12. Thanks for chiming in and for all the data you share with us; it’s been a big help! I agree with your sentiment as well and that’s why I have minimal call exposure going into next week. I wanted some skin in the game on the long side in case the stock pops off. Thanks again for your opinion; any idea what Gamma Max might be at going into next week?

  13. I bought Non delta sensitive calls $950 for January will be looking for a entry into some $160 $170 $180 $190 $200 for august on Monday. If nothing by Wednesday I’ll sell everything and eat the small fee. If it runs than I’ll be happy

  14. Great strategy, I’ve haven’t bought any IV calls yet. If we get smashed down on Monday I’ll look for a entry on those. I bought August 19 $200’s and one $150 today on the afternoon dip.

  15. I’m expecting a steady climb all next week and then a kick in the nuts Thursday and/or Friday. They know how hyped everyone is about the day of and after the split. Reminds me of the 2021 earnings run up. The best way to shake retail is when everyone is expecting a run up.

  16. Adjust your stops accordingly. It saved my ass in the June run. I had to be on a plane and landed a much wealthier man than had I not heeded that advice.

  17. Take a ride on the sus bus, I cracked up during chat yesterday I think when Gherk was like “alright alright enough of the sussin bussin stuff” 😂 everyone in chat kept saying it over and over. Had me rolling

  18. We haven’t had so many positive catalysts for GME for so long that I am bussing for next few weeks but at the same time I am sussing of a rug pull as it has happened so many times. Have puts and calls locked and loaded- ready to take profits on both as volatility will be high. Good luck all. Let’s make some Dinero

  19. Unfortunately down… lower FTE’s, and no put wall on the chain. Many of the signs we usually see when we move up handsomely just isn’t there…. Oh and I bought calls so… down we go.

  20. If this was your last chance to shake as many people out of this play as possible, then next week you would do every fucking thing, legal and illegal, to do so.

  21. Touché, although this coming week is a little different given possible catalyst via the hype for the split and possible OPEX run. So it’s not just any week. There is elevated anticipation, excitement and skepticism. Good luck

  22. I have puts for Monday morning. I worry market makers are delta positive after the last weeks run. I also don’t see a lot of GME option holders exercising. Then I will switch to some calls

  23. Yeah I’ve been wondering about that also. That’s why I scaled in a light call position until I see what happens Monday with the price action. Good luck.

  24. Possibly, some other things I track with GME are predicting strength Monday and Tuesday next week. We have held up pretty well during market down turns here recently so we have that going for us. I believe the broader market will rally most of next week. Shorts repositioning and we just came off a long sell off. Good luck 🍀

  25. Ain't touching it either way. I fucking hate trading this stock. After 20 plus of doing this nothing makes sense here.. It's the biggest manipulated sideshow in the world .

  26. I pretty much went all in today AH. I have some f the same basket still. Movies and bathrooms , the latest I’m curious has how it will play out and glad I did not hold at 22$ I’m extremely bullish for the upcoming weeks.

  27. Yeah I agree, I have shares for the other two. I just entered bathrooms at $5. I may buy some ATM weeklies for bathroom because it’s dirt cheap just for the thrills.

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