June OPEX Obligations

  1. The deferral is just a delay until the next month options expiry (opex). This happens T+2 from the expiration, which is tomorrow.

  2. Yeah I think it’s time to go full bull. I just have a hard time believing Cohen would’ve positioned the split on an OPEX week that could be easily boofed

  3. If May counts as a run we could be looking at August next. Although the timing of the splividend and marketplace launch times up perfectly with a July run and I think those dates were calculated carefully by RC. BBBY seems like a safer bet to me for calls, im holding 200 contracts there in anticipation for next week

  4. With June’s obligations not being fulfilled, they compound with July, so there is potential for some full bull violent upside however shithousery could still be at play here so we continue to wait until price action is realised

  5. I’m concerned about the new options chain. Can someone explain simply. If I go out on Monday and buy $160 calls, will they be split into $40 calls after the split.

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