So, about those OPEX calls...

  1. That’s what I’m holding, August 12 $180’s. I specifically chose 180 because of it split equivalent of $45 strike. Sounds very “exerciseable.”😆

  2. There is an interesting post (new around 6:10 PST) in the think tank about VoEX and a GME run in the next couple of days that might be pertinent to this thread.

  3. Being the stonk dumped hard in the after hours, tomorrow might be my day to enter. Gonna see how it looks after open. We’re already over max pain I believe. If we end tomorrow at $130, there be more FOMO and gamma next week.

  4. I honestly think everything ran today because they only have so much ammo. I predict choppy and flat tomorrow, maybe slightly down if the market goes down. Big downs monday/tuesday with the market as they have more ammo to short. My plan is to buy 8/19's on Tuesday/Wednesday depending on how this theory develops. If we don't see downs, I'll buy October's and roll in to the new option chain when it opens. Sooo much going on in the next 30 days though, I honestly don't see how they don't push price down or they risk it running and their long short positions getting blown up. Couple that with the way the story was released today..... it had corporate espionage written all over it. The news could have been orchestrated too induce sell pressure that they can short in to. Could have been a counter move to the timing of the split news being released. It's all chess. Wouldn't it be something if the next move was to be RC ventures releasing a double down on BBBY right at market open tomorrow.

  5. Is anyone concerned that they are going to tank GME with this layoff news? AH seemed to rebound a bit but not completely where we closed during regular hours. I have faith but it did feel like a bit of a step backwards.

  6. I bought today into a bunch of 7/29 140c(gherk wont answer my questions), and fewer 8/18 150c. Gonna buy the rest if we open low 120's

  7. I know that gherk doesn’t agree but a lot of other big dd writers calling for a run the first week of august also. So personally I’m getting mid august expiration

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