Can-Kicked OPEX, A Blessing In Disguise?

  1. I’ve been holding options for end of this year in anticipation of the marketplace launch and any kind of run like this. In my opinion there isn’t enough transparency for us to accurately predict it. Someone like gherk could and probably has been spot on but there are so many loopholes it can change on a dime. You are responsible for any money you make or lose. Gherk isn’t transferring your funds or buying calls for you. I also think that you cannot expect to be devoid of criticism when you make it a point to be public in any kind of industry/trade. It’s going to be a fun summer. Good luck everyone

  2. Out of interest and obviously no obligation to say but roughly how much are we talking for a call you bought and what was it? I'm trying to learn this (mainly because i'm intregued) but I'm not likely to get any calls. It's just when I think of options i'm getting the impression you guys are spending thousands upfront. Am I horribly wrong?

  3. It’s insane to think that a 1 DAY holiday could/would allow for such a deferral. I don’t understand how it justify such a delay

  4. I sure as shit hope so. Besides for not having set stops, idk how I got out at such a large loss when others were up so much. Even before today. I think volatility was what really destroyed me, and what sucks is I started out with a $7k gain to end up with a 6k loss. Lesson learned, stop losses next time.

  5. Once we started falling back to open price that was a sure sign. Covering days don't just fall like that except for maybe briefly right around open.

  6. Yeah but the sheer velocity at which IV crushed was the real killer. My 500c's went from 70 a piece to 20 in like 4 minutes. I coulda dealt with a drop in price no problem. But geez.

  7. Yeah, that IV crush was incredible. IV dropped from 146% to 121%. For what it’s worth, I believe that may have been the largest 1 day drop in IV since March of 2021.

  8. I think this is exactly like that time. We will see violent upside within the next 30 days. I will begin opening long positions in 2 weeks in anticipation of this life changing violent upwards price action.

  9. Why coming 30 days? I agree a lot of bullish indicators is there. Maybe wait for a last huge drop and load up big on shares then ride this rocket for months

  10. This year is so fucky for this stock. Guess we’ll find out more as it goes on. I can continue can-kicking my hype as they can-kick and compound their obligations.

  11. What goes down, must come up is my favorite motto. Especially when I explain to people we why I invest. I admit I suck at options, but I trust the moass

  12. Hate to be that guy but I’m really proud of myself for not FOMOing into calls for this OpEx. I was planning on buying some July 15 200’s the week before last week but they doubled in price and I was getting some November OpEx vibes so I held off from buying and decided I would just sell CC’s if we got a run. I ended up selling just 1 July 15 220c for $470 so nothing spectacular but I’m proud of the way I played this OpEx and I wanted to share my small success story.

  13. The government needs to stop adding all these holidays. Anymore holidays and they'll be no more business days.

  14. Why are everyone so down over one fucking day? It might turn around monday. Either way this is a wet dream for shorty. Are we giving up because our experiences didnt prepare us for what happened? I did not Get my hopes up, because if february showed us anything, we got a month more to wait. Meanwhile we will be selling off our calls and try to chase hopium for a different occasions when we Get the confirmation we need? And some even put blame on Gherk? Jesus F. Christ

  15. Same thing happened in February. Leenixus called this non-run happening. Hopefully u bought some far dated calls. Average down on those

  16. MIASS is tomorrow, I was zen as fuk today because sooner or later we get paid. Can kick all they want pretty soon Marge will call and DTCC and the fed will pay along with JP, WELLS, BANKO DE AMERICO and all the others.

  17. Yep. One day, bang zoom. 40 trillion dollars a share! You can take out loans against your DRS'd shares and buy private islands full of hookers and blow! Presidents and Prime Ministers will give you blowies for campaign donations! You can build a fleet of real space ships and fly to Alpha Centauri for hot alien sex orgies!

  18. The biggest question I have if the can has been kicked because of illiquidity what is to stop them from kicking again the liquidity is just going to get worse (I hope)?

  19. I’m one of the apes that is holding for the long play. Just pointing out that Friday was a humbling moment for this sub. HFs control it all until the float is locked. DRS.

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