Taking accountability

  1. This was my biggest mistake too, was up at open, boarded a plane and was down 7k when I landed. Today was an expensive lesson on stops. (And not holding a position you can’t actively manage).

  2. Oooweee, I know the pain, I've gotten comfortable with taking profits. With most trades I set a price target before entering so I have an idea of % return and monitor it accordingly

  3. I made the same mistake sadly although with much less capital thankfully. I practiced good patience but uninformed patience is dangerous. I should have recognized that we were diverging from the Spy and picking up volume as we went down. Anyway, will be setting trailing stops from now on. Ended up losing about 38%, would have been more if I wouldn’t have bought farther dated calls.

  4. Honestly, I've never played that kind of options position if I can't watch the ticker all day...it just moves too fast.

  5. Same here. Was 6k up and buy the time I got out was 1k down. Could have been a lot worse so lesson learned! I even set some stops and then deleted them because I find gauging the percentage for a trailing stop really hard on options that are so volatile and when we started moving up I thought we'd just keep on going 😂

  6. I made a mistake I keep having to learn. I take responsibility for it, it's hard when you anticipate big ups, cross the line of almost having them, but then get rug pulled. Very frustrating and I'm not sure if I will ever change my habits with this stonk. I think one thing for sure is that you cannot be 100% right all the time as much as cycles make you think you've finally figured it out. Like today I learned that FINRA allows settlement 9.30 am a fucking day after settlement. When we started mooning in the morning I was sure it was just a small pull back in a bigger run, but too late, damage already done.

  7. Yeah but it wasn’t a normal pull back. That was more a micro 3/10/21 rug pull. It’s one thing to go down. It’s another to have the Put IV spike, then Call IV drop, and then mass liquidation. Either way, I messed up and blew up half the port because I’m greedy and tired of getting stopped out at small profits only to watch it run. Lesson learned…again

  8. This is all true. "Blaming" others is not helpful, and it's true it's no one's "fault" but the position holder. Irresponsibility with regard to the conveyance of information is an issue however. (I posted the other post)

  9. I look at listening to any streamer on investment advice no different than doing research. These aren’t instructions for how to ALWAYS make money on stocks, and if you guys come across a steamer who can successfully do that, DM me. Yet, many treat it like it’s a sure-thing. That’s unfair to Gherk and themselves

  10. After listening to Gherk’s comments on his stream yesterday and reading his DD this morning about what might happen today, I understood it to be difficult for retail to gauge. I didn’t make a play because of this vital information from Gherk. Either way, if I get F’d in the A, it’s because I’m a dumb shit and nothing else. Hope all y’all get some puss this weekend, because I’m gonna crush one and totally forget about today. Cheers 🍻

  11. This is wonderful OP. I really feel that it is important for people to understand the truth in your statement. Over the past 1.5 years that the GME saga has unfolded, (and it is a saga that’s far from over), so many people have decided to try their hand at trading stonks. The large majority just bought in for the first infinity pool and lambos. Unfortunately, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but MOASS isn’t coming. They aren’t gonna let us have that. But if you’re reading this, I imagine you’ve already stepped outside of the delusion on SS & you’ve decided to try and become a proper trader. In doing so, you’ve provided yourself the opportunity to make your own way towards a future where a Lambo is something you could actually afford. But it’s gonna take hard work. It’s gonna take paper trading, and reading, and study after hours, and wins and losses and probably blowing up a few Fkn accounts. But most of all, it’s gonna take time. All that is part of the game. You can’t become great at anything in life without putting in the work. And to become a great trader requires commitment & education. The moment I confronted those facts, my journey to becoming and efficient and effective trader began. Today was rough for a lot of us. Honestly, I mismanaged my position and came out in the red. But I learned a lot of valuable lessons. I added skills & experience to my arsenal, and my next trade will be better for it. The point is, I agree with OP - it up to YOU to define and manage your entries, exits, and most importantly, your risk. There’s trillions of dollars moving through the markets each day. Our job is to extract a portion of that for ourselves. So here’s to being responsible for ourselves, and not blaming others when we make bad decisions. Lastly, Gherk, if by chance u read this, I am so grateful for the effort and commitment you’ve tirelessly given to all of us over the past 18 months. You could easily just walk away and not have to deal with the shit anymore. Thanks for choosing not to, ya legend. ReeeCoooo, dear Sir!

  12. We’ll said. Gherk even mentioned on stream last week, he can handle us losing money, he just hates to hear the disappointment afterwards as he’s tried to warn us so many times.

  13. Yes this. Gherk is not the be all end all Guru. But he can explain the shit out of why things happened the way they did and will.

  14. Gherk and friends had all the info presented. I still believe the info points in the right direction. This could be a mistake. Hopefully Monday will clear things up.

  15. What if it's c+35 tho, that would mean into the 3rd week of July. I really hope a bank holiday doesn't give them an excuse to defer an entire month and 5 days instead of an extra business day.

  16. I had July 15 calls and I’m upset but only because I removed my stop losses like an idiot! Seriously considered just holding them until next week but never too late to learn a little risk management especially after just blowing up half your portfolio.

  17. Guess my shitposting got me banned from the discord as it doesnt show up anymore. Yall have fun out there!

  18. i was prepared to hold my julys til wed. and up by almost 100% yesterday, lost that gains today, thanks vwap i got out unscathed. if only that iv crush didnt happen i probably still holding my julys

  19. I want to thank Gherk even though I lost $1100 today. Those calls WERE up $4000 a couple days ago but my risk management sucks and it's my own fault I missed out on profits. It was an expensive mistake but I'll try to do better next time. I'm learning a little more each OPEX.

  20. Very similar story over here. I got greedy and removed stops upon crossing $145. Tired of getting them hit and watching it rip. I lost money on the morning a month ago with the 3-4 halts with sitting stop loses.

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