Taking Accountability

  1. I'm annoyed too, but I don't think we were "misled" or are owed an explanation. This whole thing is a unknown. Gherks doing his best based on what he believes to be true, but I think it's clear now MMs can set up technical indicators t show one thing with the plan to do the opposite.

  2. Or buy stock at 80-100 and sell at peak and secure 50-80% gainz and lose nothing if hf pull out another trick out of sleeve.may wasnt on radar for gherk ,his data is always 1 step behind hf,they read this sub ,watch streams and adjust.theyre not paying a dime to Freeriders ,I think made this statement today pretty clear. Tame your appetite and be happy catching 30-80% profits quarterly and none of those problems will happen to you

  3. You know the problem with this... none of the people that are upset should be playing options because they don't know how to manage them. They are relying too much on Gherk to tell them what to do.

  4. You are quite right with this comment. Myself I got Jan 23's 950c since i've been around this bs too long. Myself i'm only down 4% on the 950c's I have and i'm willing to ride out the IV play. Weeklies or a few weeks out calls, yeh I wasn't going for that play.

  5. I think you're wrong to want accountability, individuals make their own financial decisions based on the information available, Gherk & co. are one such source. they looked at all the relevant data & made sensible predictions. If you aren't confident enough to manage risk, options can be dangerous. At no point has anyone given us instruction, we're all accountable for our own trading decisions and nobody else.

  6. Yea, this is a dumb post. Gherk has been wrong plenty and if you are still investing based off of his analysis, you are playing with fire and could get burned. That’s not a slight to Gherk, because I could take anybody doing TA on GME and make the same statement. He never promises anything, merely states what he believes and what he would do, it’s your decision from there.

  7. He literally said the cycles are a coin flip. There are zero guarantees in investing. Every major data point we had indicated a run earlier this week, but we were clearly missing a data point that said otherwise. If nobody caught it, then we can agree that it's either everyone's fault or no one's fault. You cannot blame the people who try to research the market mechanics for not researching the market mechanics enough.

  8. I lost money today. I do not have lots of money to trade. I am not mad at anyone. I am learning from the channel. I am reading G’s suggested books. If I had a tiny frustration, it would be G man is not good at saying he was wrong, or that the market caught him off guard. It seems like part of his personality. But fuck, all the things he is doing for this community outweighs that by miles. G man is not for everyone. Sometimes he confuses me. But we make our own decisions and positions. If he is not a good resource for you, then don’t be apart of PiFi. This is optional participation

  9. No one owes me anything. I make my own financial decisions. Gherk puts himself out there backed with data, not his opinion. Take it with a grain of salt and anyone should do their own research. Instead I think this just goes to show what the hell were up against and that we do not know their every move. I’m sure this weeks data will be studied and analyzed to bring us one step closer to figuring out these cycles as long as they continue to try and profit from them.

  10. The whole time he admitted we are always working with incomplete data and there is always the possibility he is missing something. He felt bullish, he shared that and admitted it wasn’t 100%. That’s enough.

  11. If you can’t afford to lose the money then don’t take a position.I always play options thinking I’m going to lose it all.sometimes do sometimes don’t. If you are losing money you can’t afford to lose you got a serious problem.

  12. Accountability only lies on the one who purchased the position. I don't have shit for money either. I tried for the very first time to play an opex run and barely got out in time to secure anything without losses. It's not gherks nor anyone else who's responsible for my actions

  13. Everybody who isn't able to properly manage one's own risk shouldn't play options at all. I lost a tiny amount of money today and it sucks but I could have taken profits when I was up almost 60% this week. The problem was I got greedy and didn't react fast enough. The signs were there before we dropped. And Gherk warned everyone when IV crushed, if you don't take actions that's your Problem. Gherk is not there to grow your portfolio. The Stock market is a zero sum game and sometimes you win sometimes you lose. There is no guaranteed Cycle. We don't even know if it really has something to do with Operational Expenses of ETFs, GEX or if it is just a self fulfilling prophecy. If you really mad because his predictions didn't come true, fuck you. Make your own predictions and see how they play out.

  14. Gherk is not your financial advisor and you have responsibility for your investments. You shouldn't follow what he says, you still have to do your own research and act based on your situation and knowledge.

  15. The only one to blame is one’s self. It’s not financial advice. There’s not accountability needed. If you’re dumb enough to chase a high, you’re dumb enough to lose your money.

  16. This post is a joke right? WTF do you know about options and trading? If nothing then that is on you. If you know a lot, then that is even more on you. GTFOH with this bullshit. I make my own bed and I lay in it. Blaming others for your decisions is lazy.

  17. If you’re gonna complain don’t listen to this motherfucker…everybody makes they’re damn choices…and yea my shit is down 50%…I’m holding till Monday…you don’t hear me ducking complaining…fucking whiny spoiled bastards…you get mad after you get spoon fed for months Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit Edit. I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing pretending I’m talking to real people…half these cucks are probably bots

  18. Well this has a lot of attention. Mostly helpful comments, the ones that are freaking out and cursing, relax. I want to acknowledge the truthfulness of the statement that it is no one's fault but the owner of a position if that position loses value. That's what most people are caught up on. The lack of transparency and the lack of acknowledgement of another faulty prediction (consider not sharing predictions that are not solid?), and of course the verbal degrading of people who bought augusts, not weeklys, who lost hard just the same.

  19. This is why trading is a personal venture. If you do not understand the risks and the rewards and aren't adequately able to manage the risks then you only need to look at one person.

  20. On hindsight there was no volume all week and they weren't hedging crap while 30 dollars above Delta/Gamma neutral. I guess I should've seen it coming. I am mad but not because I lost a bunch of money, I let myself fall to hype + herd mentality. I didn't feel good going into wednesday so I cut down on short dte positions but didnt cut down my july positions. July calls got IV crushed hard that any amount of theta I bought would've been just lost to vega multiplier.

  21. I don’t know about y’all but I appreciate Gherk MORE on the down days than the up days. He always gives really sound advice about generalities when up or down.

  22. If you’re making yourself a public figure, you gotta expect the good with the bad. He’s still making financial predictions. Whether someone says Financial advice or not, it is. If it wasn’t financial advice, it wouldn’t be anything.

  23. If you guys actually knew how to READ THE DATA, it was obvious that the high today was going to be 148. I got out at over 50%. You bought weeklies because you are poor.

  24. Can we please downvote these shill accounts. Don’t listen to this bs Gherk, many of us appreciate what you’re doing

  25. I think its safe to say spikes are now unpredictable and not worth betting on. Im just gonna jump on options when the price is sub $90

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