This is my friends father. This is unfortunately the best quality I can get. Any help to get it cleaned up is extremely appreciated. Will tip! Thank you!!

  1. I don’t have much at all right now, sadly, but I sent a small tip your way simply because of the fact that the amazing work you just did for a fellow human being— a complete stranger— in mourning brought tears to my eyes (nevermind the fact that you did so without any guarantee of compensation for your time and effort.)

  2. Click on there 3 dots on the top right corner then select change post flair & then change/select the post flair from (paid) to (paid solved)!

  3. Thank you so much guys for your kind words! I kinda did not expect the edit to turn out that good, mostly because of the hand and some teeny tiny details (and because I edited the photo at 2 a.m XD)

  4. Is the Photoshop Request Reddit just a bunch of people doing work, selling it back to the Op, hoping they will pick them?

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