what do yall think of this?

  1. Still isn't a joke but I guess drop outs have to pick on kids trying to improve themselves. Look at it this. Way he probably has a lesser chance of getting shot then a person who is in the streets all day. Look out for bullets now that's funny

  2. Whoever says bid definitely can't read and most likely sags his pants to his knees and says ngga all day like he's gangster.

  3. It’s everywhere bro… if u ain’t a dumbass then u a dumbass socially… can’t even cop bud without mfs thinkin u fed😭😭

  4. He gonna be in jail making a quarter an hour , homie reading the book gonna be getting 6 figures traveling the world and living nice. I’m proud to be a nerd ya heard !!

  5. Technically we don’t know what either of em could be lol let’s not project…. Sht one could be a gay stripper and the other could be a panhandler

  6. Well I guess it's pretty easy to tell who is never going to amount to anything. It's not white people holding you back that's just an excuse you hold yourselves back because it's not cool. That's just fucking stupid and you know there isn't a cure for stupid

  7. This what's wrong with the hood. People making fun of folks try to better themselves, being different or just reading a damn book for a mental escape......

  8. this anything… yb could be doing anything else but he minding his business reading a book, something some of these dumb ass yb’s should be doing but I digress

  9. I would say to youngbul, keep reading that book, matter fact write a book of your own and fuck them clowns, they'll be begging you for change in 10 years

  10. Tell me you will never amount to anything positive without telling me you will never amount to anything positive.

  11. I don’t think anything of this. Someone is reading, so what? Unless it’s an inside joke or something then ignore what I typed.

  12. Lol is all I can say. What type of dumb uneducated clown coon shit is making fun of anuva nigga for reading . Plenty of real niggas read . As long as you educating yourself it don’t matter , documentaries , reading , YouTube . It’s all the same . Those with a thirst for knowledge are the ones that get ahead in life, no matter how u get yours .

  13. Black people bid off anything. So it’s corny to want to have a education. To know how to speak to people ? Know how to act ….. know how to count past 25. Learn how to read anything 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️the corny one who we should be laughing at is the ghetto uneducated crumb who posted this pic

  14. If he had a shiesty on with his middle finger up dissing the dead, he’d be labeled a neighborhood hero. This generation glorifies all the wrong stuff. To all the yb’s with their head in a book instead of the streets. I salute you!

  15. Not for nothin I noticed it’s an alarming amount of adults here with terrible reading and comprehension skills. Niggas feel threatened by intelligence it’s a shame.

  16. He will own his house and car. There will be a yard with grass, trees, an outside kitchen and flat screen. He will have 2 fridges. One will just be full of drinks. He will host the family BBQ and all the kids will look up to him. He will have a floor to ceiling bookshelf in his living room. It will be full of books he's read. You still at your mamas.

  17. You a dickhead if you think he a lame for reading a book he probably reading something about LAW which you dumbasses know nothing about

  18. I'm just happy there was a soft r on the n word. That means it's totally fine when said by another person of color and is meant in a loving way...

  19. They not laughing at him they put the 💯 emoji it’s funny cus of the environment they in they not laughing at him they think it’s different not pussy

  20. It doesn’t matter someone who’s not black posted this because no one cares about him reading a book or not this is just a dumb post trying to create something that’s not there

  21. The person that’s making fun of the person that’s reading the book probably can’t read. Maybe you should pick up a book too!

  22. Y’all might not be ragging on him for reading a book but some of y’all damn sure would bid on his clothing I know that for sure and that ain’t no damn better

  23. It’s funny a lot of y’all saying this but be the same ones to clown people for being regular or normal or smart and not thuggish or a steppa. So all I see is cap

  24. What Wrong Wit Readin Books Jawns Be Hittin Sometime Some Them Book In High School Was Type Good Like Mice And Men And Were The Wild Things Are

  25. Dude isn’t fucking with anyone. I bet he won’t hire any of you hater fucks in a few years when his business takes off. Crazy to see the hate of someone reading. Makes zero sense.

  26. I got in a lot of trouble for mentioning this. Not all but there are the black people who clown others for being educated and claim that they're acting white or call them an oreo. They kept trying to tell me Inwas racist for lumping people together like how are you gonna tell me who lived through it that I'm racist for an observation?

  27. That boy gonna buy his momma a house and get the fuck out the hood while the LAME that posted that is prolly gonna die in a week, prolly by one of his homies too

  28. What’s wring with him reading a book ?? Y’all can’t be this disconnected that you laugh at someone who’s reading

  29. Boy this world is ass backwards sometimes I mean why is this something that trends online? I never will get it if he is reading why do fools have to really air him out like he’s a dummy for doing this smh 🤦‍♂️

  30. He being him in any environment that’s real , why do we as a culture promote being stupid not reading as cool , Youngin thurl doin him I respect it

  31. Y’all turn up all the wrong Shìt why y’all praise going to jail and sliding on Shìt but bidding on somebody using his time to educate himself

  32. I don't care what color you are it's not funny. Just because when you were young and trying to read yeah everyone laughed st you but not because it was funny. They laughed because they couldn't believe you couldn't read

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