Some kid cosplayed as Hitler at a recent cosplay event in Pasay last weekend

  1. Mejo obscure lang yung cosplay nya, sya yung founder ng Orte Empire sa Drifters. Yun nga lang si Hitler din yun hahhah

  2. Akala ko Tanya the Evil. Ibang anime pala. Nasa Crunchyroll ba yan? Saan ko mapanood na legit at hindi 3rd party na site?

  3. naalala kong nag Nazi brown boys with swaztika flags yung isang college sa UST representing Germany for UN day (2012/2013?) taena ang bobobo ng nag isip nun

  4. I'm German, if I walk through Manila and see this, rest assured they are going to hear what I have to say about this

  5. And he edgelords on Jewish New Year month. Wtf. Some people should learn how to be more sensitive and respectful.

  6. A BPO I worked before had an incident where one employee set his profile picture in Slack into a Swastika symbol. One of our European counterpart saw it and got offended. The company had to fire the guy.

  7. this isnt even funny if you know how people mostly on Europe would react if they see someone that does this salute even if they are in a civilian uniform.

  8. Not just Europe, but most people here in North America too, and Israel and all the Jews around the world. It's utterly disgusting and abhorrent to me :/

  9. he's obviously cosplaying bongbong wearing a black trenchcoat. the lazy stance, familiar haistyle and weird body shape are dead giveaways

  10. Tanda ko may pelikula si Dolphy noon na kinuhanan sa dating West Germany nung early 80s. Nagsuot si Dolphy na para siyang si Hitler at nag-martsa sa sidewalk. Maya-maya nilapitan sila ng mga pulis at inaresto. Sinama nila yung eksena sa pelikula pero siyempre puro telephoto lang at nakatago kasi yung kamera. Noon kasi, pag may pelikulang pinoy na gawa sa ibang bansa hindi sila humihingi ng permit at patagong ginagawa yung pelikula para ba lang home movies ang dating. Parang sinisingit lang yung paggawa ng pelikula sa bakasyon ng mga artista.

  11. Unfortunate but ngl their outfits do look good! I have one myself. Of course the background but slick design.

  12. Dapat talag nasasama sa curriculum natin ang nangyari sa world war 2 in greater detail. Ang daming hindi aware sa mga ginawa ni Hitler and di alam ang nangyari s holocaust. Kahit ako, di ko din super alam details and college student na ako. Para din mas maging aware mga tao about dictatorship

  13. i dont think the guy on the right was cosplaying a character from an anime at all, but the other person is cosplaying tanya from the series, tanya the evil, which is an isekai anime that takes place in an alternate imperial germany in war. definitely recommend watching it.

  14. Lahat naman trip trip sa mga ganyan, pero pag kinonfront mo di naman makaharap sayo. Remember the asshole na pinang mop yung Philippine Flag as a joke? May update ba sa kanya after he got expelled?

  15. People have gotten into trouble because of the Nazi salute, with good reason. The Nazis hounded not just the Jews but also communists, homosexuals, blacks, Eastern Europeans, and anyone who did not "look Aryan" enough. Had the Nazis been in power longer, documentary evidence point out that they would have turned on Christians next. Himmler, head of the SS, was a cultist who scoured old Nordic traditions or came up with new ones to replace Christian rituals in order to undermine the faithful and seize their private property.

  16. That's anime convention right? Is most likely they are cosplaying Tanya the evil which stars a reincarnated nazi loli ( yeah the concept of the anime is very bizarre. I also don't really like the anime)

  17. I watched the anime, and I'm pretty sure they're suppose to be in a World War I battlefield with magic(hence making Tanya more like Imperial German, though I can understand why some compare her to their WW2-counterpart due to her craziness) and I don't recall anyone in the anime wearing that coat of the cosplayer in the right(nor do I remember seeing any character do that "salute")...

  18. From the anime, Tanya didn't really want to do war stuff since she just wanted to be a soldier that does the paperwork instead of being in the front lines. Pero nag backfire dahil she did her job too well, and it made her crazier as time goes on. She did shit on communists on the anime as well since she is a capitalist person.

  19. i think so, madami din kasing anime na referenced si hitler pero not direct, even tanya from youjou senki the girl on the right has referenced the third reich in some ways

  20. Nakipagpicture ako sa kaniya dun sa entrance ng SMX, tawa kami ng tawa ng kasama ko. Props sa kaniya sa pagiging matapang sa pag cosplay kay Hitler pero sobrang insensitive ngl

  21. WTH gawin niya sa germany yan tignan lang naten san pupulitin yan. Wala talaga natututunan peenoise sa history god bless ph nalang talaga

  22. Edgelords just have to ruin the event. Honestly though, I love anime but its community definitely has a neo-Nazi problem. I remember in a convention in Megamall, a Hitler cosplayer was selling real bullets. Although I forgot if they were live. The following day, I've heard from him that the security guards forbade him from selling those, and he changed the swastika on his armband to an Aidoru Sozai logo or some other local idol group.

  23. If i was there, im gonna bitch slap these cosplayers. It is not something you do if your moral compass is straight up working.

  24. reminds me of my cousin wesring a tokyo manji gang shirt from tokyo revengers (which symbol looks like a swastika) i laughed at him and asked him about it and he had no idea what a swastika is lmao

  25. Here kid, have some attention. While you’re at it… try not to kill any jews. Or do meth. Or start wars. Or kill anyone.

  26. If it is, it may they may be cosplaying Switzerland and Prussia, I can't remember if Germany wore the long coat in the series. (The anime or the comic strip)

  27. A very poor attempt. This does not even qualify as a cosplay. I'm not a Nazi or Hitler fan, pero kung gagawa ka ng kagaguhan, galingan mo na rin sana kasi nakakabanas ka lang tignan.

  28. The one on the left is definitely Tanya. It's the cosplayer on the right that's wearing the "questionable" outfit. (Add that they're both seemingly doing that "salute", which even characters in Youjo Senki didn't do as far as I can remember).

  29. Tanya: former HR head, A literal depressed man turned little girl in alternate 1917 Imperial Germany, Based

  30. Di ba Saga of Tanya the Evil yung cosplay nung naka blonde na wig? Kala siguro ni Hitler cosplayer kina-cool nya yan porque WWII din setting nung Tanya.

  31. I went to Ikea on this day. Dami ko nga nakitang cosplayers, pero mabuti di ko nakasalubong ang batang yan, at baka di ako nakapag pigil.

  32. Generic black outdoor trench coat, black jeans, uyyy... Easy Soft Venezia shoes HAHAHAHA. Ba namang discount na cosplay yan lol.

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