When starting off a T break, do you guys find it harder to start it off when you have your last smoke at morning or night time?

  1. Always do it after your last smoke at night. You’re basically getting 6-8 hours of time off the clock with that first sleep. And you’re not sitting around all day waiting for the high to go away or to go to sleep.

  2. I usually plan to hit a workout the morning after or just try to distract myself throughout the day. Hardest for me is getting to sleep but melatonin is great.

  3. I always smoke my last at night. In the morning I try to start out my day replacing it with a healthier habit, like exercise or going for a walk or something. Get yourself out of the house maybe first thing in the morning if you can so you can get past that hump and feel like you started the day fresh.

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