Joker Loves Money!

  1. The best part is the next panel where he explains through tears that he just wants to be able to buy everybody the best equipment, lol

  2. Ok show of hands who here would do a Scrooge McDuck in that palace once you see the pool of money (that means dive right inside of it and swim....kinda makes me mad we didn't get that in game)

  3. This scene is better in context. In context he’s really upset because he needs the money for the team. It was honestly pretty relatable.

  4. People telling me I should feel bad for not giving Yusuke money, and I don’t. Yusuke buys stuff all the time in game, but he buys things he doesn’t need, and doesn’t manage his money very well.

  5. Well, the team gears isn’t cheap, hell the medicine alone is expensive af. The Ultimate gears for each character is at least 200k yen for each character.

  6. Plot twist: the events of Persona 5 aren’t real and it’s just all in the head of Joker as he is slowly driven insane in the Leblanc attic due to his false charge at the beginning of the game

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