The hate is unnecessary

  1. Apparently the person who wrote the article is confused because they can't make up their mind about if it's a he or a her.

  2. Ya I’m now finding out the only person that I know that like Persona was my roommate never been online with it posted this in the group and another group to see how others would think and the other group as just real asshole trolls with no life and now I see it

  3. Let's not. Please don't embarrass us. Don't make an ass of yourself or the Persona fanbase will only be even more notorious than it already is. It happened with Rick and Morty, it happened with Steven Universe, and it'll happen again with Persona. But I know this won't stop anyone so why am I even bothering...

  4. I don't disagree that Persona 5 fans have some issues, but this seems unnecessary, since in this context they'd be just making a joke, and their toxicity wouldn't be on full display.

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