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  1. Only heard the first 5 songs so far (and 3 of them are the singles) but it's not looking good. Greatest Fear is alright and Darker Still ain't bad, but the rest jesus christ, so bad, generic and boring

  2. Even though I didn’t find Reverence or IRE to be very impressive albums, the one thing that always remained true was Winstons vocals. They were always top notch.

  3. They had internal issues similar to Metallica's some kind of a monster documentary and like Metallica they underwent counselling to fix the issues except the resulting Album is not that good except Greatest Fear and Darker still. Hopefully, they can release a better album in the future while staying true to heavy metal.

  4. I don’t have a problem with a less heavy, more rock style - I actually like Reverence. Not as good as their earlier stuff, but still good despite not being as heavy. But this album is just objectively bad music.

  5. I honestly loved reverence. I can accept that kind of change. These five finger death punch style lyrics in some of these songs drive me a little nuts though

  6. To anyone who knows and follows the bands Mastodon and Gojira. Those are perfect examples of bands that have evolved during the years, but remained true to themselves. Of course every new & different release got criticism (as always happens). But in the end, it's about not losing your identity & creating music that comes from the heart.

  7. I am disappointed for sure. And this is from someone who enjoyed almost the entirety of Ire and Reverence. Ground Zero is decent, but too poppy for my taste. I like Greatest Fear, Darker Still, Soul Bleach and Form the Heart of the Darkness. The rest of the album is a skip for me. The quality of the lyrics is not the same, many different vocal styles and most of them don't work, boring and repetitive drums. The guitar work is brilliant, but too many wah wah.

  8. Honestly, probably the least impressive album so far. Land of the Lost stuck out a little and I enjoyed Darker Still, but nothing too interesting. Really bummed out.

  9. The wah guitars is just a huge turn off for me. It’s just a sound that my ears find harsh. Sucks because this is my favorite band for over a decade but I’m finding this album hard to listen to.

  10. I love Ben. But he’s put out 3 albums of the same drumming now. Each album has less double bass. It’s just rock beat 1 with flams for 11 songs. At least the other guys are trying new shit. Drums are sooooooo boring. Parkway needs a new drummer.

  11. Why did they switch to using that power metal “wahhwahh” guitar tuning in every song? It’s a bit of a turn off with its high pitchyness. Other than that, it’s a decent album I guess.

  12. Too many “Wooooaaahoooos” every other song and the rap talking stuff is very weird to me. Especially when it starts in the first few seconds of the first song. Very disappointed but at least we can still jam to old PWD. Btw if u needa good jam, Shadow of Intent released Elegy deluxe edition today also.

  13. Such a shit take, but fair enough man! If you can't enjoy yourself and have fun listening to this album idk what to suggest. On the contrast this album puts a bigger smile on my face each time I listen

  14. To be honest I'm sad to see where their music style is heading to. They switched from Metal to Rock music in such a short time. I know that many people like their new style, but I hope they find back to their roots.

  15. As a HUGE PWD fan I fear for the future. My only hope left was their live setlist and these new songs are going to water down what good songs were left in it. A harsh reality I must accept. At this point I wish they’d just ride off into the sunset

  16. This was my first thought - I think they're done. Which hurts to say as a fan since 2006. I'm happy to evolve with the band, but this is just a disjointed and poor album.

  17. That’s what happens when the album is a dumpster fire. If a god can bleed is such a horrendous song. They somehow managed to 1-up Glitch.

  18. Really like it. Think it's an absolutely brilliant album. Couple of left field tracks I wasn't quite expecting but I like the experimentation and think they've delivered what they set out to do very, very well.

  19. 100% agree. I’m not super thrilled about every track on and album but they verbally said, and the singles released very clearly stated this was what we were getting. I felt the same way when everyone shit on ADTRs you’re welcome album. Bands change, mentalities change. These are people. They’re not going to be in the same place they were 15 years ago.

  20. I've been listening to the combo of Land of the Lost / From the Heart of the Darkness on repeat for couple of hours now and still can't get enough of it.

  21. After a few playthroughs, I think the album is actually quite okay. The first time thru I wasn't convinced, but it's not terrible, and I had my expectations quite low. Ground zero and imperial heretic may be my highlights. I do have to skip over God Can Bleed though xD

  22. I get the hate, winston’s vocals being not so good, the lyrics not being AS inspired as other parkway albums, or jeff’s obsession with his wah pedal. A god can bleed and glitch aside , it’s a good album. im such a fan of this band that i’d find songs on the album i like. the closer RIPS!

  23. I don’t hate it. It’s kind of what I expected based on the singles that released. Not a play front to back album like most of the other ones for me but definitely has a few bangers. Ground Zero, Darker Still, and Soul Bleach being top 3 imo.

  24. It's basically reverence 2.0 it sounds literally the same & does nothing for me. Sorry PWD love you but I'll just enjoy your old stuff I can't listen to this. Also the 1 thing that's always annoyed me about PWD is they basically never change up the set list. They refuse to play KWAS & play basically 1 song off each of the 1st 4 albums except KWAS.

  25. These guys obviously peaked with Ire and have no clue where to go musically now and it shows heavily with this album

  26. I think it's a solid heavy and melodic album full hooks and solid breakdowns. I didn't appreciate the stupid interlude (waste of space on a short album) and I didn't love God Could Bleed.

  27. I'm not hearing the breakdowns. I guess we have some "riffdowns", but I never found those appealing. Parkway had great breakdowns, they gave impact and a change of pace. These new heavy parts don't do that for me.

  28. Really like it! Nice mixture of clean vocals aswell. 8.5/10 for me. Can't wait for the tabs to come out for a few of the songs!

  29. I don’t dislike it…unsure about if a god can bleed though. I understand peoples frustration that they have drastically changed, but feel they were damned if they do and damned if they don’t? People will bitch if they still sounded like horizons, and people are butt hurt they’ve “evolved” or whatever, unfortunately it seems that human nature, as always, is confrontational and negative. I went in with the mentality of them building on reverence, which they have, and it’s fine, Jeff is seriously one of the best guitarists on the planet (I am a fanboy) and maybe he’s used a bit too much wah pedal…easy to criticise but like fuck could I write that so hats off. They’ve become more accessible, and if newer fans go to gig based on this or reverence and hear a crowd singing along to the idols and anchors riff, or having circle pits to karma and go and discover the back catalogue…then that’s a positive. Hopefully the next album falls in between and we can have some splashes of old parkway in with newer arena selling stuff, there’s hope, I mean soul bleach slaps. Didn’t mean to do a dissertation…… just enjoy it! parkway are still about, they’re still touring, and they still play older stuff live, it’s all good

  30. Since Ire, the albums have been great and Darker Still is no exception. There’s some great stuff on this album. I’m not really a fan of metalcore and definitely not a fan of deathcore so this new style is definitely welcomed.

  31. Yeah, I'm in the same boat. I don't really like metalcore either so I'm a much bigger fan of Ire, Reverence, and Darker Still than their earlier albums. I could skip about a quarter of this new album, but that's about typical with most albums I listen to.

  32. I personally love the new album, the 3 singles were soo good and when I listened to the rest of them I was jamming out really hard, imo I love this album.

  33. Ah man I was so excited for this album! I became a huge PWD fan after seeing them live right as they released Reverence. This album is not my cup of tea. As many others have said, Winston’s vocals just don’t hit the same high marks as they have in the past and the gravitation towards the background chants and designed-for-stadium “whoahhhs” just don’t translate to the headphones well for me. The lyrical rage conveyed on most of the faster songs feels cheesy and redundant instead of inspirational and thought provoking (I’m thinking Swing, Sleepwalker, and Sleight of Hand for good counter examples). Perhaps the most disappointing mark on the album in my eyes is Ben’s drumming. I know the band has graduated into playing stadiums and are probably bored after playing blast beats for the past 20 years, but his drum tracks on the entire album are so held back and don’t showcase his talent in the slightest IMO.

  34. Land of the Lost and Ground Zero are great and the lyrics are awesome as well. Been jamming out to 6 of the 11 tracks all day. If a God Can Bleed is totally not my cup of tea though.

  35. Seeing all the hate for this record really shocks me. As a fan since JUST before Horizons came out I love the evolution of this band. If everything they released sounded like the first 2 records I would get very bored with this band very quickly. It’s their twists and turns that make this band stand out from the rest. I think the comparisons to Metallica they keep getting are correct, but for the wrong reasons. This band is on an upward trajectory few other bands experience in metal, especially one so extreme.

  36. I'll paraphrase the only honest review of the album I read "One-dimensional, repetitive riffing; boring percussion; and the band’s inexplicable penchant for god-awful lead guitar work define the sonic makeup “Glitch”, feeling less like Parkway’s own greats, and more like Skillet’s “Monster”. This sound palette is not unique to “Glitch” either, as the numerous forgettable cuts on Darker Still morph into one indistinct, amorphous blob. The few that break this convention, however, seem to do so for all the wrong reasons."

  37. Musically, the structures and chord progressions FEEL so similar. Normally arrangements can obscure the details a bit but this album is hiding nothing. Stylistically, it's not for me but sonically/musically it is pretty boring.

  38. Digging this a decent amount actually, there’s enough heavier moments on this that prevents it from sounding too commercialized. It’s definitely not their best but it’s more consistent than Reverence. Lyrically it isn’t as bad throughout as some are making it seem. Vocally, I think Winston has improved a ton as well.

  39. It's a joyous album. Like Alestorm jamming in a retro 80s disco - it's the most fun I've had in a while. They might get heavy again, but who cares. I had a great time.

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