Single parent sick day

  1. You shouldn’t ever feel guilty about letting your kid self-entertain while you’re sick! They’re safe, fed, and happy. That’s enough when you’re incapacitated

  2. My 2 year old has been sick the last few days. Today he woke up ready to go with 3 days of energy to run out. I on the other hand woke up with his sickness. It's gonna be a long day.

  3. I've been sick more this year than I have in my entire life, no exaggeration. I used to pride myself on never getting sick. However I can usually just push through it, but when I cant I just stay on the sofa and do as little as possible. My kids like to be somewhat helpful, they will get blankets and pillows which is cute, and then get their little toy medical kit out and give me an exam 😂 Although my 5 y/o does take advantage sometimes and purposely does things she knows she's not allowed to do.

  4. I want to say how much respect I have for you even on a “healthy” day. Being a single parent is extraordinary work. To say you are a strong individual is an understatement. I’ve got 3. A spouse. I struggle w guilt, too, as I need to use the screen more than I like to just to x y or z done. Look at like this… you are teaching your child that you are human, valued too, and that he/she is also valued in your relationship. They will see this as something that feels good no matter how bad you feel. In the mean time.. lean into all the tools you have so that YOU can feel better. You got this… so hope you feel better soon. This is temporary ♥️

  5. I can relate. Being sick sucks especially when you're a single parent. Gets even worse when your kid gets it. Like I just want to knock out all day. Lol. But instead I'm up a million times for everything. (4 year olds are crazy) But yeah no mom guilt. We all deserve to have a lazy sick day. Hope you feel better quickly!

  6. Reminds of when I was very ill and my kids were ~2 & 4. Literally couldn't get out of bed. So damn sick. There was a fresh giant chocolate cake on the counter, I told them to help themselves. We got through the day and all survived. Was what it was. Thank god for that cake!

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