please help.. chronically congested infant. Advice

  1. Our firstborn has a dairy intolerance which made him very congested. It took us 8 full weeks of eliminating dairy from my diet to figure it out.

  2. Ours was reflux but we eventually chose to do medicine. Huge huge game changer. When we stopped medicine she did cough at night for several months still but it didn't wake her anymore and she eventually grew out of it.

  3. I AM GOING THROUGH THIS ! I just looked up Infant congestion, because I am at a dead-end. There is not left it seems… my baby is 5 months today, he is now refusing his bottle, he luckily will take purées, ( I am assuming because he can breathe while eating )… we have tried Vapor ( 64% humidity in the house currently… Vicks, cough stuff ( obviously safe… either mommy’s bliss, zarbees, or hyland), saline 3x a day mixed with boogie sucking…. Via me… YES we get in there… i mean this is 5 months and he’s cleared EVERY exam, ENT, Allergy… idk where to go from here

  4. I am so sorry you are going through this. I was determined to get the root cause of my son’s issues and stumbled across the Reflux Lady

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