Will the kids ever not be sick?

  1. Hi! Solidarity as we are right there with you. 6yo, yo, and 8 month old. We have been sick since September…almost constantly. It’s definitely the school germs probably coupled with the fact that we’ve all been distanced for the past two years so it’s like an avalanche of germs all at once. The ER doc (on one of our several trips this past year) said the 0-4 yo are getting hit particularly hard because they’ve had low exposure to all the normal pathogens. It’s been really rough for us, too so you’re not alone! The eye crust! It’s been a constant in all of us (including my husband and I) since Jan. What the heck! I hope you guys start to feel better soon and get a break between illnesses 🙏

  2. The 3 year old is in preschool but the 1 year old is home with me. We hang out with my niece on the weekends who is in daycare during the week. But yeah someone is always catching something and spreading it around to the rest of us.

  3. We've been sick nonstop for like 2 months. Just keep going from one thing to the next. It started when Ontario lifted the mask mandates, so I blame that or my son attending nursery school, haha. Heard from other people with kids they are having the same issues with constant sickness. In the last 2 months, we've all had multiple colds, a stomach flu, and I got strep for the first time in my life. I don't know how cause I'm still wearing a mask when I go out. Covid tests are always negative.

  4. In my experience it typically gets better when they’re elementary school aged. If they’re in daycare, they’ll be exposed to all kinds of things, and their immune system will be stronger for it! My youngest two stay at home with me and get sick a lot less than my oldest did, but I’m actually a little worried about it, because now at 14 she seems to be immune to everything and I’m afraid when they start school they’ll be hit hard by things they haven’t caught before.

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