possible paranormal encounter?

  1. Okay I'm not one for those people who calls everything a demon because It's always seemed a little regressive to me, but only a demon could do something as despicable as breaking a DS 😭 all jokes aside tho that sounds pretty unsettling, not that I try to dismiss peoples stories but generally when people talk about paranormal events they go purely off vibes, but this is legitimate physical activity. If you don't mind, I'm curious about the missing stuff and the CDs.

  2. Haha, it is mainly random things really. Around 2015 time I had rented a trombone for a school music club and ensured that I kept the mouthpiece with the trombone at all times, yet it just vanished one evening despite no one touching it. This could be a case of it falling or something but it has happened with so many things, guitars having strings ripped off, small toys disappearing, and things moving place. I owned a fair amount of CDs from various artists which I stored in a large open shelf. These were rarely touched by anyone apart from me so I doubt anyone would go in there are leave scratches on almost 30 CDs. The strange part is that this has happened to game discs, movies etc over the course of the time I lived there. No one had any idea what had done this and often blamed me, which puzzled me even more, but it is strange that an entity chose to cause damage and disruption which really creeps me out.

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