Trying to get someone from every province in EU4 to comment Day 2

  1. I may not know what EU4 provinces are… But, I don’t think the one with Champaign, IL is there. I’ll pitch in for that

  2. Why is your map not up to date? In the current version I'm in Timaru (1109), but on your map it would be Te Tau Ihu (2738)

  3. I live in Kingston Ontario, which I think would be Attigneenongnahac, but it could also be iroquet, it’s kind of between the two. It says Kingston is the capital Attigneenongnahac when the British colonize it.

  4. I don’t understand what the divy of Canada is but Saskatchewan, representing. Born in North Battleford, currently a resident of BC.

  5. Oh shoot ! You got a lot of people! Since America’s on there, I’d like to add Whittier which is in Los Angeles county

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