Overlord DLC in a nutshell

  1. I accidentally detroyed 3 of my vassal empires by bankrupting their base resources income. Haven't learned anything yet, gonna do it for the 4th time tomorrow.

  2. I also like to ruin my vassal's economy on purpose and pay back their debts whenever they're disloyal in EU4.

  3. Hyper relays have been added, they act like railways/highways for the empire to connect hyper lanes and provide bonuses to planets that are connected to said relay network

  4. haven’t played stellaris in years so instead of getting this meme it’s just the strangest assortment of images I’ve seen today.

  5. if you chain hyperrails together fleets can instantly travel to the next connected system on the hyperrail network. there are also some edicts that make use of them.

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