Marijuana and lexapro

  1. Me neither. My doctor and I switched to SNRIs after that, but I’ve had really bad side effects from both Wellbutrin and Effexor. I’m down to my last few days of weaning off of Effexor, and I think flower is the only thing helping me keep it together. It’s been awful.

  2. I’m on sertraline 100 and I take it during the day but I like a sativa during the work day and an indica strain before bed. Been doing that for 3 months now and it’s been good so far.

  3. The negative side effects should go away within a couple weeks. If they are persisting after 4 weeks, you should talk to your doctor about switching to another SSRI. People have very different reactions to different SSRI's and you may have to try a couple to find one that works well for you. Good luck!

  4. Thats probably the Lexapro being Lexapro. It takes a bit when you start to go through their initial side effects. Zoloft I couldn't orgasm at first and it made me nauseous, Wellbutrin gave me intense mood swings, the first time I took Lexapro I had no side effects. Years later I went back on Lexapro and it made me nauseous and gave me headaches, but it eventually went away. I've been using marijuana on Lexapro for a year now (doctor told me it wasn't an issue) and I haven't had any negative side effects because of the two. Good luck!

  5. The headaches took a little over a month for me to stop but I also used to not drink enough water so that could be why it took so long.

  6. As a MMJ user, a Lexapro user, and a licensed mental health professional, I want to chime in to note that Lexapro and SSRIs in general aren’t for everyone. That being said, they do wonders for many people. This is both my anecdotal opinion and a scientific fact. I say this as there are many “quit that shit” comments which in all honesty, are harmful to people who have reservations about trying an SSRI or sticking with it through the initial rocky period. Don’t stigmatize SSRIs the same way many do MMJ. Cheers!

  7. I use both. Sometimes it takes a month or two to get a med like lexapro to it’s optimal effects. Also drink more water, I wake up with headaches sometimes as well.

  8. I am very sensitive to medications, but Lexpro was the worst. It made me have suicidal ideation, chills, various stomach issues, headaches, etc. These side effects are possible, so I don’t think they were related to cannabis.

  9. Do not tell people to do this unless you are the person's doctor. People die because they take advice like this without any medical oversight.

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