Marvel's Midnight Suns Review (IGN: 8/10)

  1. For me Callisto being so short at 12ish hours puts it into the 'wait for a sale' territory, though I think that's also influenced by having so many free games to play on Playstation Extra.

  2. There's no way I'm sitting through 60 hours of that cringe tier writing about Blade running a bookclub and talking about Wolverines favorite one, amongst whatever other pointlessly unnecessary "writing" they've thrown in here.

  3. Well according to Skill Up it’s a long 60+ hours of repetitive levels or gameplay. He said it would have been better as a 30-40 hour experience.

  4. The thing that killed my hype is the card based system, i'll get stuck into the game at some point but I was hoping for something a little more like Xcom

  5. Gosh, seeing Larian makes me remember about the existence of Baldur’s Gate 3. When is that thing coming out? When will we see it on console?!

  6. Great stuff, good to see that it has a lot of meat on its bones. The idea of a tactical game more focused on raw strength and speed rather than hiding in cover is fun.

  7. Could this finally be a game that gets me into the turn based genre? Huge marvel fan but never like turn based games.

  8. Damn, I will definitely keep this in my sights for maybe right after the Holiday. Still too much right now though. I like what I heard about the long cutscenes, I can dig that.

  9. I asked for a bunch of PSN gift cards for Christmas and I just bought God of War Ragnarok. So I’m gonna wait until after the holidays to see what I’ll buy out of Midnight Suns, Callisto Protocol, Dead Space Remake (January), or Hogwarts Legacy (February).

  10. I'll definitely check out more reviews but after fextralife said it's about 20% combat and 80% running around your base and talking to people, I'm not getting my hopes up

  11. I saw one review that said it's more like Fire Emblem than XCOM, and all I gotta say is FUCK YEAH because I love Fire Emblem even more than XCOM.

  12. His review didn’t say it was only 20% combat he just stated it had more dialogue then he expected and if he was a Marvel fan he might have enjoyed it more.

  13. According to commenters here, Poor marvel is so poor they could only afford to pay for an 8. IGN should give them some discount.

  14. Not sure what you just wrote but IGN does inflate review scores. Wait for the real reviews before hitting the “buy” button.

  15. This, along with the other reviews that came out today are enough for me to pull the trigger on this title now. This’ll be the perfect game for my December break this year :)

  16. SkillUp loved the combat but thought the dialog was cheese, which seems consistent with both IGN's review and Fextralife's — they only vary in the degree they're annoyed by it.

  17. I feel like the quality of ACG reviews have gone way downhill. I don’t know if that’s because he’s pumping out more content or what.

  18. I like their reviews usually-the recommendations from that channel on "B" games people might've overlooked were great. Turned me on to Wasteland 3 (for example), which was awesome and cheap. Recommend that to anyone who likes XCOM style stuff.

  19. Oh thank christ. I've have had hope for this game the whole time, and I've been desperate for reviews all week. I don't entirely trust IGNs reviewers, but they didn't give it a 7 like they do everything else, which means they probably do legit feel like it's a good game. I feel so relieved now, I hope most other reviews follow suit

  20. I recently got ps plus extra and noticed that there are a fair number of Marvel titles in the catalog. Even Guardians of the Galaxy, which only came out a year ago. Any guesses when Midnight Sun's might be on PS Plus?

  21. All my homework is submitted for the week. Game already bought on steam, LETS FUCKING GO, I am so hyped for this game its right up my ally.

  22. I’m so torn! Ahhhhhhh. I want to get but then I don’t. I’m an all in person and I have cultivated a life that I can buy the games I want but I’m not sure about this one.

  23. Great, I’m going to buy it because the recent previews have been pretty great across the board too. It sounds not only fun, but kinda funny too.

  24. No, that means their reviewer’s taste doesn’t align with yours and you should read another site for your reviews

  25. That doesn’t speak to the quality of the console version. With consoles they target specific hardware. There are many games that have great console versions and don’t perform well on pc and vice versa

  26. Not necessarily - depends on where they put their efforts optimizing and how aggressive they were for consoles. We will have to wait and see.

  27. I can’t even get past the fucking first loading screen…. Audio and voice lines play but I’m stuck on a loading screen great start marvel!

  28. I've heard this repeatedly from PS5 players who hit the "Ready to Play" button while the download was still running. Just close the game, wait for the download to complete, and run it normally. The "Ready to Play" button is drunk.

  29. Check out the ACG review for a good 30 minute breakdown of pros and cons. After watching that I'm waiting for a huge discount.

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