Infinity Nikki - Official Announcement Trailer

  1. Dress up game. It's part of the "Nikki" series, which is a fairly popular dress up mobile game series (Love Nikki, Shining Nikki, etc). It's a bit unusual that it's for ps4/5, and also open world.

  2. Assuming it's anything like its predecessors, a dress-up-themed RPG where you fight with clothes instead of weapons. The Love Nikki franchise has been around for a while, and its whole concept is basically just visually stunning dress-up battles strung together by the most batshit lore imaginable.

  3. Sounds like they got some designers from BotW, so it's a weird platformer/puzzle/open-world/?dress-up (lol) game that is set in a pretty disney land looking world.

  4. You know those memes where there's a really weird picture of some odd things and someone presents it as a religion, and then someone replies that they have no idea what's happening, but they want to hear more?

  5. Hoping they'll put more features/characters into it. The series has always been story heavy so it's strange not seeing other characters to interact with besides Momo. Probably showing us the game a bit early for the 10 year anniversary.

  6. This look interesting. I know it is just an announcement trailer and the game is still in development but the graphics are amazing and the game play looks like it can be something special. I want to believe this trailer is merely to show off the graphics and get people talking about the game while the next trailer shows off more in depth gameplay and the story.

  7. It's also going to be on mobile, so.... possibly? The other nikki games were all mobile exclusives and f2p with heavy p2w mechanics to an almost absurd degree. So it's a good chance the same will be true for this one. Though this one is a bit different given it's on playstation and pc, so perhaps not? But I'm guessing yes.

  8. The other games were dressup games where you used fashion for battle. Despite the cute looks, the games weren't afraid to go dark places.

  9. Looks beautiful at least. Too bad it will look like Pokemon Scarlet and perform like Superman 64 when it actually releases.

  10. It’s one of those ideas that seem obvious in hindsight, but someone had to think of it. Fashion is already a huge part of MMO‘s

  11. I'm not exactly sure what it is, but it feels like exploration-focused FFX-2, with fishing and a bunch of other mini-games, so I guess I'm kinda intrigued?

  12. As someone who enjoys open world RPGs but also partakes in games like Style Savvy/Fashion Boutique...I admit I want to play this.

  13. Wdym? Run out of Ideas? It's a Genre and it's called "Magical Girl" and "Dress up". Shooters are also everytime the same. So whats bad about this? And besides an Open world dress up game is completely new. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  14. This is actually the fifth game in the franchise which is celebrating its ten year anniversary in a few days. It seems like a pretty good idea for a way to expand their potential audience without cannibalizing Love Nikki and Shining Nikki, which are both still going strong.

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