CRISIS CORE –FINAL FANTASY VII– REUNION (PS4-PS5): PS5 : 20.993 GB (Version: 1.001.000)

  1. Half the size on PS5 is impressive, I know there is better compression and deduplication of assets but I question if there are also like video files that either are rendered in real time on PS5 or are using a better codec on PS5 as that's really quiet the size difference.

  2. I wonder if that’s going on too. Horizon: Forbidden West showed that being done recently, where an early major cutscene was done real time on PS5, but was encoded as video on PS4. But I don’t know how much of the game file size difference that made.

  3. This isna remaster of the original, not a new game, so all special cut scenes likely to be video file on both version anyway.

  4. What’s the story on this game? I just got a Ps5 like a week ago and one of the games I’m playing is the FFVII remake. Is this a sequel or continuation of it? Or is it a completely different game.

  5. Crisis Core is a prequel to FF7, and originally came out on the PSP in 2007. This is basically a remaster of that (with new graphics and gameplay tweaks).

  6. If you’re new to ff7 don’t bother playing it. It has heavy spoilers for a big part of ff7. The most compelling mystery during the original ff7 is Cloud and Sephiroth’s mysterious past which is eventually revealed through a series of flashbacks and twists.

  7. Is this one way shorter than ff7 remake (part 1?)? Ff7 remake part 1 was the first ff game I played and it felt really dragging and long in the end.

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