Evil West - Digital Foundry Tech Review - PS5 vs Xbox Series X/S - 4K30 vs 1080p60

  1. The writing is on the wall going forward. I hope im wrong, but my gut is telling me Starfield will be 30fps on console. Maybe its shoddy engine work but if these games can barely crank out 1080p60, nevermind 1700p30, im starting to lose faith for the 60fps "norm"

  2. I've already completed the game and I have to say that Evil West is one of the buggiest games I've ever experienenced.

  3. I just started playing earlier today, I've done the first 2 levels and love it so far, but I can't help but notice a strange blurriness in performance mode. It's not on every surface, but it's still noticable. However I can look past it because I find everything else very enjoyable.

  4. Is it not because it's 1080p? Even on a 1440p monitor, 1080p looks incredibly blurry for me. I can't imagine what it would look like on a 4K TV unless you're at a far away viewing distance.

  5. So what confuses me is in quality mode, on my LG C1 if I look at diagnostics VRR is active and the game hovers around 45-50 depending what action is on screen which matches how it “feels” when I play.

  6. this is one of those times where people focus way too much on nitpicking graphics issues. Is it fun? Is the art style solid? That's really what matters in an action game. Unless it's Nintendo, Sony or another major studio gamers shouldn't expect cutting edge graphics and performance from a cross gen title.

  7. I have the game, it's very fun coop. A little buggy and id say not worth launch price but if it goes on sale and you want a solid coop it fits the bill.

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