Down, Blizzard Confirms DDoS Attack Happening This October 11

  1. It's so strange. The entire controversy around Overwatch 2 would have been completely nullified by just adding ".0" to the end. If they had just said that this was the next iteration of Overwatch 1 instead of a sequel, it would have been a massive success. The changes to the core gameplay are fantastic and the matches are better than ever. Such a stupid choice on their part.

  2. I gave it a try after they ditched phone numbers, but gave up after 5 minutes waiting in queue for the single player bot match.

  3. Personally I'm still angry at sexual harassment that lead to suicide without consequences, but yeah you can be angry at overwatch 2.

  4. Regardless of how polarizing OW2 is for the community, I really do feel for the front-line devs who are just working to try and put out a fun game. Repeated DDoS attacks have to be a pretty big blow to morale, and that sucks.

  5. It absolutely is. More structure, less randomness, there’s still a lot going on but it’s way less overwhelming. Visuals are better, HUD is cleaned up.

  6. Ive just been playing a few rounds of quick play but I completely agree. It feels so much more rewarding. I have played about 500 hours OW1 but I could get absolutely stomped by level 10 players. That's not happening right now.

  7. Guess I’m crazy. I like OW2 more for everything other than the micro transaction stuff. All the guns feel so much more “oomphy” and heroes feel more specialized - like how Lucio does less damage with his primary shot but his secondary is insane now further incentivizing boops.

  8. Man, this really sucks. While I know DDoS attacks are out of their control, this just adds to the pile of shit that OW2 has been dealing with. I really want to enjoy this game because I've always liked it.

  9. Been really fun so far. Playing competitive and every achievement earned is a disconnect from ranked. This means waiting for the match to end before being able to log back in. Then after logging in eating a ban that progressively gets worse about something I couldn’t control.

  10. Because they got DDoSd ? That's somewhat out of their control, DDoS Mitigation is pretty difficult to do properly, most companies can't stand against it.

  11. For a long time Blizzard was one of the few you could rely upon to release fun and polished games. Now, what the crap have they become??

  12. Cool how some childish, selfish people get to decide for everyone else who might not have a problem with the game… we live in the age of entitlement now.

  13. Remember when Blizzard actually meant quality games and content? Funny how that changes when corruption and greed takes over (Activision)

  14. Everything is lead by greed in every industry. Only reason why other companies didn't take the same route is because they find their current model to be as profitable.

  15. The real fun is that blizzard was runnier by blizzard employees, not activision. They suck all on their own.

  16. Blizzard feels like a literal skeleton right now, riding on the bones built by devs long gone now. Like OW2 for how shitty this whole transition has been still plays and looks amazing because the team that made the game originally were talented people, same goes for WoW. Brain drain is the right word I think?

  17. Remember Warcraft 3??? And then WoW dropped… They were truly the greatest for a little there. It’s easy to see some scummy venture capitalists is running the show now…

  18. Tbh Overwatch 2 gameplay is better but going F2P killed it for me. Not much incentive to play. Reminds me of my experience with halo infinite

  19. I love F2P like this. Don’t care about skins, I’m all for gameplay and really appreciate OW2! After the phone number was settled had no problems finding matches, and that all entirely free. Neat!

  20. For me the drive has always been going for different feats in the game to get titles. Before the cosmetics were still mostly luck based. At least now I can pay $10 and know I’m going to get certain stuff.

  21. Going f2p after OW 1 just feels like a downgrade . I play games for escapism right and fun right ? But the f2p nature of it just reminds me that everything is fucked . It cancels out the escapism I’m looking

  22. Overwatch 1.5 is overwatch 1 with a new and predatory business model that seems to be the norm for Blizzard now. Their whole re launch fiasco was just to change the sales model.

  23. I’ve been having fun with it. Bought the $10 battle pass and have been playing it daily. Haven’t had any issues. If you’re in a long queue in NA go to Asia region and have no queue time and the latency is what you’d get in NA servers so no lag. Love the change to comp as well. It emphasizes your performance over the course of 7 wins, or 20 losses, whichever come first, over just winning a match. I’ve moved up 4 times after initial placements. And I went 7-2, 7-3, 7-5, 7-9. Great for solo players/support who rely entirely on your team being decent

  24. Game is still fun, regardless of how little they changed. Every change they did make was for the better, except the new monetization, but halo infinite does that as well so. Plus the game is free and you can play it for free. You don't need skins if you can't afford them.

  25. Overwatch 1.5 is overwatch 1 with a new and predatory business model that seems to be the norm for Blizzard now. Their whole re launch fiasco was just to change the sales model.

  26. Yeah a “DDoS” it’s not a DDoS blizzard is just a trash company with even worse servers. Everytime a new expansion for WoW launches, they release a new title, or there’s a major content patch for any game they get a “DDoS attack”. They just use that as a scapegoat so they never have to upgrade their servers.

  27. I mean, yeah, its just overwatch, its really less overwatch 2 and more overwatch patch 2.0. Overwatch was and still is a good game. They really just fumbled the branding here. Really they should have just released a standalone singleplayer/co-op overwatch game with a story and I would have paid $30 for it, the animated shorts tantalize an interesting as hell story that we dont really get to see much of. Instead we get a patch that removed loot boxes (Yay) and added microtransactions/battlepasses (Booo!)

  28. most gamers are immature, and that’s just how it is. they’re mad that they gotta pay now instead of just playing a free game. admittedly, yes, the battle pass is trash just like many others. but at the same time, they’re optional things that don’t change the gameplay. the game is still the game. and hopefully, Blizzard accommodates the thoughts of the community and put our rewards that have actually decent worth.

  29. Can someone ELI5 how Blizzard can keep getting DDOS'd and mot have some sort of DDoS protection after experiencing it over so many years?

  30. I assume that it’s an arms race with the DDOSers. Blizzard finds a way to identify their packets and block them automatically, so they change what the packets look like, etc.

  31. There are services out there that will eat a DDoS, making them ineffective, but they cost money, and it appears some business decision maker decided that this was one place where they could skimp.

  32. Is Ddos suppose to be really easy? Does it only stop when the people or person doing the DDOSing decides to stop?

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