Rockstar Games is remastering Midnight Club Los Angeles

  1. Dub edition is the one that everyone remembers for the soundtrack, the customization, and the introduction of licensed cars. To me, the best midnight club was 2 because the racing just felt so right. It was leaning so hard on the fast and furious formula and I think it lost some of that when the name brands came out in 3.

  2. I mean I highly doubt it…they cancel all projects for previous titles even apparently a rdr2 patch for 60fps yet will do this…I mean I hope it is true but doubt it

  3. And the other tweet in that thread says the Instagram post is over a year old. So this isn't new and we've had no other indications otherwise yet.

  4. If they can’t even manage a 60fps patch for new gen consoles then I don’t know how they fucking suddenly have a full remaster of an even older title

  5. And if they aren’t going to remaster RDR1 then give a 60 fps patch for that as well. Stream on PlayStation or download on Xbox, whatever. The game can still be played but it would be nice to increase the frame rate.

  6. Cant they put a $1000 bounty on it and get some modder to figure it out ? Cheap and easy and gives people what they want. Definately not an expert

  7. If they haven’t done it already they’re gonna release a next gen version for way too much or never do it at all

  8. seriously they say they don't have time for that but it is obvious they just delay that until more people get ng consoles so more people can buy it

  9. Maybe they just want to try a new studio or way of re-make/developing it for this because it won’t get as much criticism if they try something new on Midnight club like the Trilogy got and RDR and GTA4 back on development if this is a success.

  10. they said several month ago that they plan on releasing a shit ton of remasters so any "rumor" we hear can technically be true. My guess is after the piece of trash they released called GTA definitive trilogy they decided to do the RDR and GTA 4 remasters themselves. but we won't know who is doing the other remasters.

  11. I could see this being done on the cheap as a way to test the waters for a new entry in the series, to see if people still care about Midnight Club, since the Forza Horizon series has no real competition as far as open world live service games go (since The Crew 2 is getting old and Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is still a ways off) and Midnight Club would be a great name to revive to take on Horizon.

  12. Also, remasters for racing games with licensed cars are pretty rare. Only one I can think of is NFS Hot Pursuit. MCLA is a great game in my book but I just don't the see the demand.

  13. Massive grain of salt here; this was just released via streaming and backwards compatibility and may be just misunderstanding on the composer/artists part for relicensing. Here's to hoping for a dub remaster some day still though.

  14. I’ll take whatever I can get, fucking love midnight club, just replayed II and it was incredible and I have the best memories of III dub edition.

  15. They used to be... Releasing the GTA3 trilogy in a short time span, then lots of smaller titles (also Bully) and finally GTA4 plus great DLCs and RDR plus great DLC...

  16. They shelved those remakes to work on GTA VI, well some sources say cancelled and some say shelved but I’m inclined to believe they have them on the back burner. They know the demand is there for those two to be remastered so makes sense for them to hold off and get GTA VI out the door first.

  17. After the III and vice city remasters, I don’t even want a remaster of GTA IV I’d pay full price for a direct port that I can play on my ps5

  18. My guess is that it has to do with the soundtrack which is a really big part of that game. Way too many big names it would be impossible. But damn I do wish they did.

  19. Why Los angeles?, why not midnight club 3?dub edition, with cars, motorcycles, etc why that? The problem is probably, they make the same disaster like they do with gta trilogy

  20. They've cancelled remasters in the last to work on GTA VI so I have a hard time believing this.

  21. I’m happy to hear this. I bought the 360 version through a trade deal but never got playing it. I’ve been regretful about that

  22. Please Rockstar please be true. I loved Midnight Club LA on the Xbox 360. I’ll preorder it right after it’s announcement.

  23. Rockstar remastering one of their games? I'm sure it will look great, there's no way they could screw something like that up.

  24. Oh fuck off lol, we have been begging for a 60 fps patch for RDR2 (and will gladly pay if its 60 fps + 4k up res remaster) and yet they want to remaster this...

  25. MIDNIGHT CLUB 3 DUB EDITION REMIX!!!!! Also would like Tony Hawk's American Wasteland and Underground, Def Jam FFNY and lastly Dead to Rights please and thank you

  26. The IG post being referenced here is from August 2021. How could this have possibly gone this long without anyone noticing?

  27. Played the hell out of this on Series X earlier this year through backwards compatibility. If it’s anything like the GTA trilogy remaster then no thanks.

  28. They won’t bring RDR or RDR2 to the PS5, but they will remaster some mediocre racing game from 14 years ago. Are they just screwing with us?

  29. Why are you believing this to be real? They said they weren't doing ANY remasters for the time being.

  30. Sure, let’s shelf the remasters of our multi million dollar earning games and instead remaster a game that didn’t meet sales expectations and pretty much ended the franchise….

  31. This has to be fake cause ain’t no way they not doing midnight club 3 😂 Los Angeles was ok but fun edition the way to go , luckily I’m able to play it on my series s 😎

  32. Bruh why are people suddenly forgetting the fact that they aren’t remastering any of their older games, they renewed the license so that they can keep the game up on Xbox, it’s not uncommon for licenses for older games get renewed. Besides, we’re more likely to see an rdr or gta 4 remaster before a midnight club remaster as much as it hurts for me to say that, as a huge midnight club fan

  33. Doubt this, it doesn't seem like Rockstar would can the GTA IV/Red Dead remasters then make this, but who knows.

  34. Highly highly doubt they’d remaster this. I’m assuming they’d need to renew the licenses of the cars used in the game? Maybe? Also the fact that most of the cars in game would be a bit outdated, however, that’s not an issue for me

  35. The first RDR was made as basically a mod for each console's version of this. It's why there was no PC version or other ports/remasters, so this could be step one towards an RDR remaster.

  36. I have never been my shocked or had such a strong reaction to anything I've seen on the internet until this I literally almost dropped my phone I hope it's on pc

  37. Bruh, Dub edition Remix is regarded as one of the greatest racing games of all time along side NFS Underground 2, but instead the go and remaster the one with the terrible driving physics and less cars... I guess we'll take anything we can get but man, I really hope they do MC3 down the line.

  38. I'm all for this remaster, but R* listen to other fans too, bring us a proper GTA IV remaster :)

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