Assassins Creed Mirage: The Fourty Thieves quest image has appeared online

  1. This is probably an exclusive mission for the gold edition and up. Ubisoft does this all the time

  2. Yep, that's what I'm thinking as well. They are mostly rather short little missions that don't have anything to do with the main narrative, also you can unlock them with Ubisoft connect tokens a few weeks/months after launch

  3. There was a leak recently about a new Assassins Creed called Mirage with a setting in Baghdad in the years 860-870. It's supposed to release next year, and kinda go back to the basic Assassin's Creed game design without leveling. I think it's real.

  4. If they’re really going back to basics with this one then I’m curious what they do about the combat. The combat in the first game was clunky as hell, but if you make the combat too effective/fun then it discourages stealth.

  5. The answer is to make combat smooth, satisfying, and fun, but also challenging. Make it so that fighting more than 5 guys at once is an incredible challenge (due to aggressive AI attacking simultaneously, the player not having much health, etc). That way it encourages dwindling numbers with stealth while also keeping small skirmishes exciting.

  6. I think they should just wholesale rip off the Ghost of Tsushima combat and call it a day. It's essentially a better version of what Assassin's Creed was trying to do in the first place anyway.

  7. Oh man... AC 1 and 2 were favorites of mine. Wasn't a huge fan of 3-Revelations and couldn't even finish/play more than a few hours of the following games. But I really dug the RPG change. Odyssey is such a good game. I'm conflicted if I should be happy or sad about them going back towards the style of AC1 and abandoning the RPG elements

  8. My guess is that this isn't indicative of a trend. The lack of RPG elements in Mirage is likely more about shortening the development timeline. They need an AC game on their release schedule and the next big one is too far off.

  9. I loved odyssey but it was definitely too long and a little bloated by the end. Haven’t played valhalla

  10. As long as they don't make the combat buttons context sensitive again. Very frustrating when you physically can't attack or block because the game is having trouble with the targeting.

  11. I don't, the combat of the ac games before the rpg trilogy was so boring and samey, I'm worried the game will have very boring combat, leading to the game feeling frustrating everytime you have to engage with combat instead of stealth

  12. Unity combat was so bad. Early and mid game was just spam smoke bombs and heavy strikes. Late game was to use the DLC sword that constantly blinded enemies for the same effect. If you didn’t use either strat then riflemen constantly blasted you in combat because there was no way to dodge block or evade their shots.

  13. “We know how much people loved stopping all of the games momentum by being pulled out of the animus to look at emails in earlier games. Well, we’re keeping that similar tradition from Valhalla alive where we stop all of the momentum to have you play in a fantasy realm” - Execs probably

  14. Basically the main character of this game is Basim who was also featured in Valhalla - it was revealed that he was basically the reincarnation of Loki

  15. I had no doubt the earlier leaks were true because they came from J0nathan, but they're pretty much confirmed by this follow-up. Basim's design is giving me real Altair vibes!

  16. I know it's not the locale people were asking for, but having played Odyssey, going to the Middle East region was a pretty logical next step, prior to Valhalla coming out.

  17. Ok this looks sick. Took a long break from AC, so I’m hoping the gameplay leaks for this are true.

  18. They confirmed it to be the new mainline game in the series. Rumour has it they might go back to old gameplay, and I think it'd be a mistake. Moving away from the massive open world of Odyssey and Valhalla would be good, but I hope they can evolve from some great ideas that the newer games had. Stealth should come back and the focus should be the Brotherhood, for sure, I just hope this game doesn't feel like it was made in 2014.

  19. I hope we get a game in medieval Europe. Would be really easy to adapt the assassin creed story elements into that time , with the many characters , kings etc that were around.

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