What Game Made You Wish You Were In It, In Real Life While Playing It?

  1. Redditors thinking they tough shit. Meanwhile you could choose pokemon and just have fun becaue everything is chill as shit 90% of the time and you get cute animals

  2. Yeah for the longest time I thought dragon age or mass effect... then I realized that Thedas is terrifying got the average citizen, and mass effect ends in absolute disaster. Either way life is pretty fucked.

  3. I remember a similar post a few months back where people were saying what games they’d last the longest as npcs in and the general consensus was “remember to pick a world with indoor pluming and modern healthcare”

  4. If someone came to me and said they were inviting people to live on an uninhabited island with its own flourishing self-sustaining economy I would be on a plane so fast lmao.

  5. Rdr2 online is actually great for lonerism, you can set up your camp out in the boondies, hunt from it, make a bit of money, roll into town for supplies, roll back out to your secluded spot and do some fishing at the lake, or take a trail ride on your horse and find some beautiful views!

  6. If I'm a guardian, then yeah sure. Having your memory wiped would suck ass but you get space magic and overwhelming existential responsibility in return. Plus having a ghost buddy tagging along for adventures seems fun.

  7. This was my first thought, but the riding around exploring the terrain, hunting, fishing & foraging rather than the disease and constant threat of instant death!

  8. I dont care for driving fast in real life. So games like gta 5 where I can rip up and down highways and on city's main streets is very fun for me.

  9. Same! What an amazing galaxy that would be to live in. If the reapers weren’t such an existential threat it would be my top choice

  10. In DBH would you wanna be a human owning a robot that rises up, maybe kills you, or a robot enslaved needing to break out, live on the streets and fight for your basic rights?

  11. Persona 5. Never been in Tokyo before and the closest was a Tokyo Airport when going to Philippines.

  12. Horizon Forbidden west. Sure the machines would kill me in seconds, but that would be a beautiful vista to look at before dying.

  13. The horizon games take place on earth in the future. You can literally go see California wilderness right now without dying to a machine

  14. Little Big Planet 3, as silly as it sounds. It’s such a fun, whimsical, kind of spooky at times world. Every once in a while I play it again so I can lose myself in it for a while 🥰

  15. The entire LBP series to me was great. Creative mode was insanely well developed for the time they were released. Especially the jump between 1 and 2 when they added the logic controllers.

  16. This was my first thought. I spent over 100 hours in this game and was so sad when it was over. I missed the city, the atmosphere, and my cars. Everyone talks about the radio in GTA, but Cyberpunk's was pretty addictive too

  17. Yakuza, imagine normal life but everything can be sold with unrealistic but cool punches and you are able to survive stabs, gunshots and explosions thanks to your infinity pocket of food and medicine

  18. Ghosts of Tsushima, the island seems so peaceful and beautiful. Sometimes when I'm really stressing ill fire up that game and literally ride from end to end of the island on some weird peaceful shit.

  19. Watch dogs 2 for sure (kudos to the person who said it), Valhalla, days gone (more towards the end lol), Yakuza like a dragon, infamous 2, Jedi: fallen order, and need for speed heat

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