Horizon forbidden west on ps4

  1. I have 90 hours on Forbidden West on base PS4 and my experience was really good. Sometimes you have some things loading a little late, but frankly it was never blocking for me. I had a great time.

  2. I played Horizon FW, Death stranding and Miles Morales on my 5 year old PS4 and they were all fine, no issues. The PS4 fan loud as heck but the games run fine.

  3. I’m playing it at the moment and it looks and runs amazing. Definitely worth it if you enjoyed the first.

  4. This is just my personal opinion. HFW is a beautiful game, made for next gen console ps5. I was using ps4 slim but I felt like I was still playing HZD. If HFW is not a game that you have high expectations in terms of graphics, you can play it on ps4. Besides, there's a free upgrade to ps5 (not sure about now, but do kindly check again when ure getting a ps5).

  5. Well its a game developed for base ps4 which ended up being upgraded in the development, not a native ps5 title that was downgraded. Its the reason why it runs rather well on ps4

  6. HFW is an uprezzed PS4 game. It is was made for the PS5 it wouldn’t be payable on the PS4, the leap is too meaningful for loading alone, would greatly change game design

  7. I played HFW on my vanilla PS4 Slim and it went really well. No problems in gameplay and combat, performance-wise. I had one bug in the desert, but that was‘nt console-related. Graphics are basically HZD-level, which is fine for me, I play games for the story, not for the graphics. When you are moving very fast, sometimes parts of the surroundings load a bit too slow and pop up in real resolution after you have stopped. And faraway buildings sometimes appear to be built of LEGO for a moment, when coming into view. But all of this is rather funny than annoying for me. I enjoyed the game very much on PS4, but I‘ll surely replay it once I get my hands on a PS5.

  8. I'm playing HFW right now on a PS4 pro. It run very well (except a few poping here and there). The game is beautyfull and realy captivating. I can recomand to play it on last gen.

  9. I wouldn't call the PS5's 60fps performance mode for HFW "slightly better." I have both versions (the other on my PS4 Pro) and it's well worth the upgrade.

  10. I've played Death Stranding (on PC) for about an hour and a half and actually controlled my character for a total of about 7 minutes. Does it get better?

  11. I got the same performance as Zero Dawn on my PS4 Pro. Which is pretty damn good considering the fidelity upgrade in Forbidden West.

  12. How's the pop in with the SSD? I have a PS4 Slim with an SSD and I've been wondering if that could alleviate some of the issues I've heard about with stuff drawing in late. I'm fine with the level of visual quality and performance on base PS4, I just don't want whole towns popping in right in front of me.

  13. I really liked Forbidden West and it’s improvements on Zero Dawn. The same thing is true for Miles Morales. Played both on PS4. Haven’t played Death Stranding, but heard it’s really cool

  14. Played it on a base PS4 and had a great experience. I wanted to wait for a PS5 as well but couldn’t resist. I will definitely wait to replay it once I get a PS5 to compare my experiences.

  15. I'm on a pro, and not played it on PS5. I really enjoyed it and had no issues. There was a few glitches at launch. However I think all the updates solved them.

  16. Not sure about FW, but Miles Morales runs about the same as Spider-Man PS4 did. I had a couple of bugs but nothing too major. Death Stranding was a PS4 game to begin with so other than the improvements on PS5 it runs like a PS4 game should

  17. I don't remember anything too bad, but I remember chuckling once at a bug. Something about a head failing to load in a conversation. Reloaded and it did it again. That was it. Everything else ran great on mine.

  18. I have forbidden west on PS4 and it is great no problems what so ever runs as good as zero dawn ! I’ve found no glitches no nothing it’s absolutely fine !

  19. Miles Morales on ps4 has something that the ps5 does not have special loading screens also it look great and runs really well I don't know about death stranding or forbidden west but miles Morales runs perfectly

  20. Recently started playing it on my base PS4 (although not much due to excessive heat where I live), and while it does tend to freeze at times for a few seconds, it runs great. It's not flawless, but it's very much worth playing on a PS4 as well! Also, I do believe that if you own it on PS4, you get a free upgrade for the PS5 version, so no need to buy another copy if you happen to buy a PS5 in the near future!

  21. It looks amazing on ps4 (imo). The photomode is unbelievable, picks up the pores in the skin, tiny hairs etc. It's aesthetically beautiful.

  22. Forbidden west is good on ps4 just long load time and miles morales is good too both are 🔥🔥can’t go wrong with either but u will get More playing time out of forbidden west

  23. Game scales well and I wouldn't worry about it. HFW is also cross-buy with the PS5, even for the PS4 disc version. If you eventually get around to picking up a PS5, you'll have the right version. I'm not sure about Spider Man or Death Stranding, but those are going to run great on PS4 as well.

  24. Get Platinum on PS4 Pro. Nothing laggy nor jumpy nor making the fan spin like helicopter. The biggest problem in terms of performance is rendering of minor objects (like grass) in distance, like when gliding from somewhere high and you'll see the grass on ground aligned in grids. You can expect nothing worse than that.

  25. I have it on PS4 Slim and it had a lot of texture pop in initially especially during cutscenes but they've been patching it non stop and it's amazing now. For the detail involved it runs so good on PS4.

  26. I Played on ps4 pro with external SSD. If you can afford it the ssd will make a massive difference in load times. I doubt it would feel very playable without the ssd.

  27. I played Miles Morales when it came out on my PS4 Slim. It ran horribly. It would crash when I would do a venom smash and I got stuck inside of a model of a building while swinging. But that's when it first came out so maybe it's better now.

  28. I also played on a ps4 slim at launch, at ran as expected apart from frame drops when a lot of enemies were on screen. Also the occasional unloaded texture in a cutscene.

  29. I got the plat for HFW on the og phat PS4, runs perfectly fine. In fact, I don’t see any difference when running the PS4 game on the PS5 in any way other than load times.

  30. Performance wise i had little to no issues. Other than that the game was pretty shit, felt like an average ubisoft title to me, so I forced myself to finish it and then sell it

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