People who work full time, how do you manage time to play.

  1. Wait til the wife and baby go to bed, fire up elden ring, wake up two hours later with a sore neck and my character running into a wall for the past 1 hour and 55 minutes. Repeat nightly.

  2. I watch very little TV, have absolutely no social life outside of my wife and kids, and basically only sleep 6 hours a night. I game after my wife and kids go to bed and on days off.

  3. I realized very quickly that for some reason I am equally tired on six hours of sleep as I am on eight. So why not just game an extra two hours?!

  4. Are you me? I have no friends left (I'm 36 and live far from my original home) and i work with all older or younger people. I don't love TV or movies anymore so I just game when my wife and daughter are asleep. Not that my wife has a problem with it. She herself games. But I like being laser focused.

  5. Same. I manage to exercise and read as well. I’m always baffled by the “who has time?” crowd. I think people waste more time than they realize.

  6. This has been my issue for a while. Usually when I get home, I only have energy to shower and maybe eat. I'm ready to crash shortly after

  7. Exactly. I used to try to use the controller after I woke up but my hands would ache so bad I couldn't risk playing even for a minute. I do very physically strenuous work and even after 8 odd hours of rest plus enough nutrition, my body can't heal in time to play video games on a daily basis.

  8. Wife and kids took a 3 week vacation last year without me and I was so psyched for what I was going to get done. FINALLY I can start final fantasy XIV, I'm going to play 30 hours a week, etc.

  9. Ummm.. simply from the excitement to play the game? At least that’s for me.. get up at 6, go to work at 9, come home at 5-6, play at 7ish, sleep at 11-12 (sometimes more if I really like the game). Rinse and repeat. But yeah, there are days I feel very tired where I might skip playing.

  10. My husband and I play on one day off together while my son is at school. He will play something alone and I’ll either watch or read while I’m sitting next to him and we talk about what’s playing. Plus he uses me as an in person strategy guide to look up things so he doesn’t have to 🤣🤣🤣

  11. I work 40-55 hours a week and am married, still play for a couple hours most days. Having kids definitely would change things, don’t know your life. Usually we make time for the things we want, and don’t for what we… don’t lol

  12. My game time was extremely limited when my kids were little. Maybe had an hour or two a couple times a week at most. Now that they're teenagers, they don't require as much constant care. In theory, I can play as much as I want but I find myself not being as obsessed about gaming as I used to be. I still get hyped about games sometimes but it's no longer a priority.

  13. Most weekdays I play for an hour or so after work. I play a bunch on the weekends. But I'm divorced & don't have kids...

  14. This. No kids, no cats, no dogs, good job with work/life balance, and a husband that supports my gaming :) He games some too but I'm the one with the zillion consoles + backlog.

  15. It’s truly simple really. It goes. Kids to bed, wife asleep, power on the system…. System update… game update….. sleep. Wake up not remembering if I played anything or not.

  16. I sacrificed lots of sleep. I wake up early now around 5am and game til about 730. That's my favorite time to play. Noone up. Noone needs anything. Got my coffee, a pipe, and a game. Beautiful. No distractions.

  17. Honestly this is the way. I read or heard somewhere if you have to get up early, do something you love first thing. So I leave my wife in bed and get that sweet sweet alone time with the coffee and Playstation

  18. When WoW classic first came out, I would wake up two hours early to play before work. You make time for the things you enjoy.

  19. Get off work at 11p get home around 11:30p and pretty much pay until about 2-3a with friends then go to bed to repeat the next day

  20. I work 50 hour weeks, I have no kids and I’m single and young. I have 200 hrs in Elden ring since it came out.

  21. When the kids sleep, i choose the most boring movie to get my wife sleep also. Then i start playing around 23 - 23:30 till 1 or 2 o'clock and then get 5 to 6 hours sleep and lots of coffee at work

  22. My partner and I play some games together we play this a couple of times a week. Ill then play my own games on my day off. Then we both like watching each other play other games.

  23. Work full time. Married with a 2 year old. Gaming mainly Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights after the wife goes to bed (usually around 9). I stay up and sink a few hours into whatever game has its claws in me at the time.

  24. Single mom- work- dinner- bath- bed by 7pm- game until 11pm- rinse and repeat! I keep my daughter on consistent schedule. Oh lots of coffee.

  25. I married a gamer and we're raising 2 gamers. We understand the need to get lost in a game for a while. Also we play Minecraft together.

  26. For real. Last time anxiety bought some games, each one with ~ 80 hours of duration based on my play style, the thing is at best i have 10 weekly hours to play

  27. A lot of ppl in the comment section saying no kids . That boat has long sailed for me as I got 3 kids and a job. I knock out my daily duties/chores round the house then make sure kids are in bed to start playing for 1-3 hours a night but I try not to push it too hard or else I’ll end up paying for it the next day when I’m crying for more sleep.

  28. I don’t think I’d be able to play 1 - 3 hours a night. I don’t play games for fun anymore but to be as efficient as possible 😭

  29. I dont sleep, life is just a cacophony of caffeine, games, porn and work... I dont know what day it is or how much money i have but i can see the digital code as I blow a zombies head off in dying light and i can taste the failure as i go yeeting off a bend in Dirt 2.0

  30. It depends on the game. It's not easy to commit to an MMO like you want to when working full time, just gotta find appropriate games to fill the time alloted.

  31. I work 50 or 75 hours a week. On weeks where I’m working 50, there is ample time as my weekend is 4 days long. On 75 hour weeks, I try to squeeze in an hour here and there. Sometimes ya just gotta not play for a week.

  32. Friday night, saturday noon, saturday night, sunday noon. Try to be regular on this schedule and you will be able to complete a game in one month and a half.

  33. Don't have kids. Don't get too invested in nightly TV shows, if you have a relationship, either find someone who digs games or someone who's pretty independent and okay with the two of you doing your own thing a few nights a week.

  34. I work from 12-12, sometimes I’ll play once home, sometimes before, no kids and a very chilled out partner that lets me play a lot as it “keeps me home and not out partying” which sounds controlling… however I don’t like partying

  35. i either play for a couple hours before/after work or i don't. i can play a bit more during my day offs but sometimes I'd rather just sleep or watch tv. my gaming habits kinda lowered as i got older.

  36. Shit I have a full-time job and go to school full time and I can still make time for an hour or so every few days to game

  37. No kids, fulltime work doesnt differ that much than school and uni in terms of free time and its actually easier.

  38. Of course I can’t talk about everyone, but I usually work 8 to 10 hours per day (12 on a very busy day?). I currently don’t commute so even assuming healthy 8 hours of sleep per day I still have at least 6 free hours per day.

  39. This makes a lot of sense. With college it was a constant pressure of some forever looming deadline. When you're working you have a "clock in/clock out" times (typically), no "homework" lol so it's easier manage your free time. I'm sure to a very organised person they could allocate time to college work/studying and to free time, but I am not one of those people. Also, regardless of how organised you can try to be, college work always takes longer than you originally think.

  40. You don’t, not really. But you do end up with a bunch of new games, still in the wrap and a promise to yourself that you’ll get to em’… day 😞

  41. I work in the human services field, pursuing a doctoral degree, and work anywhere between 55-65 hours a week, but it depends on my current work case load and how many people I meet with per week. I’m also engaged, planning a wedding, and in the process of purchasing a house. I enjoy gaming, as my work can be incredibly taxing, both mentally and emotionally.

  42. I manage an hour or two after work 3-4 nights a week. Generally after kids go to bed. Good way to wind down after a long day

  43. LMAO, this must be a joke right? I have 3 kids and graciously my wife insists I still find some time to still play a game for an hour or two now and then.

  44. Well, after work my wife likes to watch some Netflix series I don't like, so she watches and I play at least for 3 hours. Not much energy left, but ther are some games that worth it.

  45. Saturday morning is for errands. Rest is for playing. Sunday morning is for cooking. Afternoon is for the football game. Rest is for gaming. Screw my friends, they are all married now.

  46. I have wife, she cooks I do other chores. After work she watches her soap operas and then it's my time to game. Usually I can swueeze 2-3 hours. I also work from home so save time on driving and other bullshit.

  47. I’m lucky I work in a country where I can live comfortably working 4 days a week and I’m also lucky I have a girlfriend who loves to watch me play games and yell at me when I have to take a health potion and stuff.

  48. You've got a limited amount of downtime, you've got to decide what your going to fill it with. I tend to alternate: playing this game until it's finished, reading this book until it's finished, binging this TV series until it's finished. Trying to have too many things on the go at once is what makes me feel like I've got no time.

  49. I live in the UK and work from home in the public sector. So work 8-4ish, do chores before dinner, TV or gaming afterwards.

  50. When I was working a lot more (8-10 hour days, 7 days a week, several months at a time), I'd do go to work (10pm-6/8AM) get off, go get gas, grocery shopping, get a haircut, you name it. On long days, I'd usually game around noon, go to sleep around 2-3pm, and wake up at 9pm.

  51. If I’m not doing something then it’s game time. I can get 2-3 hours after work and about 10 on the weekend.

  52. I'm lucky to be working from home so I usually finish work, walk my dog then play up until it's time to make some dinner (2 and a half hours or so?)

  53. Wife, 2 kids. Work from home. 9-5 (IT job). Spend good time with the kids from 5-7. Game from 7-10. My partner does too so that helps. Chill to some TV till 12. Sleep till 8. Repeat. Always nice to be in same room as partner so I usually play a lot of handheld or TV gaming with a pad.

  54. I get home around 8-9pm. I’ll usually begin playing right away, but I don’t really get deep into it until around 11-12. Then, I stay up until 2-3, go to sleep, repeat.

  55. Very rarely! I play maybe 3-4 hours a week at most. I mostly just play different games now, I don’t have time for games that require 2+hour play sessions. Remote play helps the odd time a longer game comes out that I really want to play. I get the odd night where the kids are in bed and my wife turns in early but that’s about it

  56. Unless you have a really long commute or other obligations outside of this, you should have multiple hours per day to play. Then the entire weekend.

  57. I work remote. That means I have 8 hours of work + additional 8 hours free to whatever I want. So even if I go for a walk with my gf, watch a movie, cook dinner, work out, I still get like 1 - 3h of time left.

  58. When you don't work from home you spend 1-3 hours commuting. Then there's chores like cooking. Spouse time.. time with children. Etc..

  59. Wait... When you say work full time, do you mean like work full time and also have children and house work to deal with? Because thats where I'm at and I manage to find the time here and there.

  60. You don’t you just play maybe an hour a day if you’re lucky and if you have kids maybe slash that in half as well.

  61. In all honesty? I don't anymore. And it depresses me really bad. I've been too busy working, travelling, and supervising various house renovations over the last year and it has me stretched so thin I can't even squeeze in any games.

  62. Weekend is game time, work time is game time but only if I'm not too tired or nothing interesting comes to watch

  63. I work and watch my little kids. I will wait until everyone is asleep and play from 930p to midnight every other day.

  64. Working full time with a 9 y.o. and a 5 month. I usually only get a couple hours of game-time a week.

  65. I get a few hours on my days off. If I'm really into a game I'll try and squeeze in some time in the evenings too. I'll usually only start a big game or something I'm looking forward to when I've got some time off so I can enjoy playing it more instead of in bits and pieces.

  66. I work full time and have two children I’ve learned to survive on 4 hours of sleep so I still get a good amount of gaming time in but I have found I can’t play mmorpg games anymore because they demand much more time

  67. Stay up way late and get a couple less hours of sleep. I’ve always said if there were a few more hours to the day, I’d be content with life

  68. If I game during the week it’s usually only for about an hour in the evenings at the most. Most of my gaming comes from the weekends. I wake up earlier than my partner so I am gaming for 2 or 3 hours until they get up. If it’s a lazy day and we don’t have plans then I will usually keep playing but it’s mainly just weekends that I have time anymore

  69. I make time for the things I love to do. Work is not my main priority. I'd put it at the very bottom of my list of priorities. I usually get in a few hours after kids are asleep and before I go to bed.

  70. I mainly play a bit on the weekends and sometimes after work on Friday, I work full time and have a side hustle Evenings Mon - Wed.

  71. Only when I have the energy.. I work from home Mondays and Fridays so it's super easy to get some game time in, but when I have to go in the office, I'm up at 6am and home by 6pm (1 hour stuck in heavy traffic, woo). By the time I finish eating dinner, it's about 7pm and I just wanna be a bum on the couch watching TV until bedtime (usually 9pm lol).

  72. I get up at 6, work from 8-4 get home and honestly... have the time to game pretty easy, it's just the energy I lack. Sometimes, if it's a game I'm REALLY enjoying I'll find that energy to play but lately I've been so mentally exhausted from work that I just throw on youtube.

  73. A couple hours at night if lucky once dinner and the dishes have been done. Depends on if I fall asleep on the couch or not before the game starts...

  74. I’m at work for 48 hours a week with 6 hours of commuting time. Cooking, cleaning the house and everything else I only have a couple hours a night to play games.

  75. I absolutely love games. So I make time for them. I'm getting older now so it's actually impacting my gaming. I haven't played elden ring all week. Partly because of guardian games in destiny. The other part is I just am getting tired sooner and sooner and finding my blankie and pillow are more awesome than the loot I could get in my games lol

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