what was the first playstation game you played ?

  1. Same, excpet i think it was tekken 2, my cousin had it and let me play with him when I was younger. Got a ps2 for Christmas the next year with tekken 4 and ratchet and clank

  2. It was also my first game ever. I was born in 1993 and with Spyro I started playing video games. At least it is the first game I remember. Actually there is a tape with a recording of me playing a game in 1996 but unfortunately you don't see which game it is. Spyro was released in 1998 so it has to be some different game. But let's just say Spyro was my first game 😀

  3. Just finished getting the Plat for the trilogy last night. Definitely as fun as I remember back in the day.

  4. This. My Christmas gift that year was a PS1 and my parents then took me to Toys R Us (back when the games were locked in a back room and you brought tickets to a counter to buy them) to pick out 4 or 5 games for the console. I got Crash Bandicoot, Frogger (as my sister loved playing the older versions), Jimmy Johnson Pro Football 98, Allied General (my dad, and now me years later are big into WW2, but I never liked that game), and... I think Tales of Destiny... I know it was a JRPG, but it wasn’t FF7 (a friend got me that).

  5. Same here. I went to a friend's house where he made us Italian Sausages but not very well. I went to another friends house afterwards where he introduced me to Final Fantasy VII. I got to the end of the first bombing mission and then got incredibly sick due to the under cooked aforementioned sausages. My mom picked me up and took me home but that game stuck with me. I bought a PlayStation a few weeks later with money from my part time job and the first game I bought was Final Fantasy VII.

  6. My favorite game of all time. I just revisited it recently, and even though the graphics are rough by today's standards, I find the graphical style endearing.

  7. Wipeout, bought with my launch day PAL unit. Was a pretty impressive start. My love of Orbital also came from the games soundtrack

  8. Pretty sure it was the first time I heard the prodigy as a kid. Used to be able to play that disc in a CD player just for the audio. So good !

  9. I had this experience with Digimon World. I bought it together with my PS, but I didn’t buy a memory card until some days later, so I had to leave the console on for days.

  10. Ha, just shared nearly the same thing, only it wasn't a Blockbuster but a family run video store. Went back to the store when I realized I needed another component and was outraged to learn they didn't even sell memory cards! LOL

  11. Red dead redemption. I waited forever for it to come to pc, but finally gave up. I bought a PlayStation 3 purely to play it. It was so worth it.

  12. Duude that game, I was searching for that lol. Spent a lot of time with it as that was my first game as well. Also played crash and pepsiman haha. Fun times..

  13. My family wasn't the most financially stable when I was younger...so the ps2 was actually my first non Nintendo gaming console. FFX was my first.

  14. One of the first I remember is Wild Arms 2. It was a demo, so you couldn’t save. But for some reason I was able to play everyone’s stories like the demo was a mistake. So I left it on at a friend’s house playing a large chunk of the game

  15. It was a demo disc on Playstation 1, so there was partial Spyro, partial Parappa the Rappa, a snowboarding demo, I think also Medieval and Crash Bandicoot. The first FULL game I played was Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey

  16. I specifically bought my PS for Final Fantasy VII after seeing the amazing ad for it. I had started with Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy on the NES when I was a kid. I still play them all too this day, thanks to emulators and Greatest Hits

  17. I remember going to a friends house in like 1996 / 97 and played a PlayStation for the first time. Played pandemonium and die hard trilogy but can’t remember in which order

  18. On my own console, Horizon Zero Dawn on the PS4 On anyone’s console, possibly Minecraft on the PS3 I primarily used Nintendo consoles when I was a kid and hardly any of my friends at that time had a PlayStation.

  19. Digimon Rumble Arena, PS1 , 2002. Didn’t know what a memory card was so every single time I played any game I would have to start from scratch with 0 saved data

  20. I wish I could say my first was one of these 10/10 classics, but mine was the movie tie-in Lost World: Jurassic Park game. Playing as the compy in the first couple of levels was… pretty underwhelming looking back. But at the time I was blown away just to see 3D graphics.

  21. Metal gear solid on the old classic ps1. Rmbred seeing my brother bringing it home and unpacking it with his first ever bonus paycheck, and we just played and played.

  22. The original PlayStation. I thin my first game was....Crash Bandicoot. But it was the second one. I never played the first one.

  23. It was actually a ps1 demo disk. I believe it had a level of crash bandicoot, a level of some snowboarding game and a level of parappa the rapper. I played the shit out of those first levels

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