Remembering how good Driveclub was...and fantasizing about how good Driveclub 2 would have been......

  1. My god those graphics were amazing. I'm pretty sure the rain, especially while in the cockpit, still hasn't been topped by any other racing game yet.

  2. I miss the rain-physics of drive club in every racing game :( static rain drops on the windshield look so terrible!

  3. I platinumed it, and bought every single available DLC and got all those trophies as well. Got DriveClub bikes and platinumed that. Got DriveClub VR and platinumed that as well. Guess you could say I like this game too. lol.

  4. Doesn't need to be open world. Doesn't need to be a Forza Horizon replica. You could have a Driveclub 2 being a sequel of 1 following the same essence. Forza Horizon exists as a slightly different game (which is also awesome and probably the best car game of the last few years).

  5. No please not. I loved and still love Driveclub the way it is and especially because it is NOT open world.

  6. The graphics details and weather effects are on their own level. But i couldn't get to grips with the handling, even if i platinumed the game.

  7. Wasn't the launch to this game bad? It was supposed to have a free version and payable version, or something like that...they probably should have stuck to the motor storm series. Driveclub made no sense when they have Polyphony doing those kinds of games and can make 1 game every decade and survive off of it.

  8. Yeah it had a really rocky launch. I think if I remember correctly it should've released at PS4 launch but kept getting delayed. Then at some point Sony just kinda put out a barebones version for PS plus and then a paid version as well? But regardless, it had issues at launch and Sony just shuttered the studio.

  9. Ah god I thought about Motorstorm as soon as I saw this thread. Imo the BEST arcade racers of the ps3 generation. That series died with Evolution when they were shut down because of this botched game.

  10. Exactly that. It’s revisionism. The game sucked at launch and despite its great graphics, it’s driving mechanics were really poor for me

  11. It was supposed to be straight up free, the PS+ game at launch iirc. Then it was delayed and we instead got a "free version" that was greatly stripped down. Not the best look.

  12. It looked nice with water effects, although the graphics from the exterior weren’t as impressive, but still good. Biggest problem for me was the way it handled. I just didn’t find it fun to drive.

  13. I recently bought it via ebay for 10€. Best low budget purchase ever. This game feels so intense, immersive and faster than other racing games. Bad that it is locked at 30 fps. Playing it on PS5 now. It could even look better which is hard to imagine.

  14. Yeah, I loved that game. I got lots of recorded gameplay on my YouTube channel. Some with good online gaming.

  15. Even as a non-racing game fan who is terrible at them I loved Driveclub. It's such a fucking shame it's launch was nuked by the big ol' Playstation network outage and it just never picked up the steam it should have. I've still not seen better rain on the windscreen effects.

  16. Got a ps5 yesterday after not playing my PS4 for years and this was the first game I downloaded and it still looks incredible. I think it's the post processing effects and colour grading. I wish other games would go for this look instead of the super crisp arcadey looking style

  17. I genuinely have no idea how people play these games at that speed in that view. If it was me, I'd be crashing into every little loop and turn, skidding because there was a turn that I can't fuckin see on the Horizon. Like there aren't even any obvious roadsigns there, how the hell did they know when to turn?

  18. I loved the sixaxis steering for dualshocks. It’d make any racing game much more enjoyable.

  19. The rain looked amazing indeed. Driving in the rain, however, I'd rather not (that AMG GT3 event in the rain can kiss my ass).

  20. Honestly I didn't see driveclub ever succeeding because there is already Gran Turismo on PS. It was already in the shadow of it.

  21. Drive club scratched the itch that GT failed to provide on PS4 launch. And honestly DC2 could've done the same with the ps5 launch.

  22. Even aside from realism racers, I wish they would make another ModNation Racers. Those guys partnered with Little Big Planet and made Kart racing, and it killed it for me.

  23. This game still looks amazing but the graphics isn't why the game failed it was simply a bad racing game

  24. This is the game that should've been the competitor of the Forza Horizon series. Too bad the developer was shut down

  25. I'm a veteran of Gran Turismo all the way back from the PS2 days and I have never been so disappointed in a racing game as I was with this one.

  26. totally agree, its like people in this thread are playing diffrent games. yeah some of the gfx is good, the rain etc. but that wears off quick. The actual game... its shockingly bad.

  27. I thought it was cool until Gran Turismo Sport. GT Sport looks waaaaay better than this game! Only gets props because of the weather.

  28. I didn't think it was terrible, but honestly pretty damn overrated when it came to games. It's a very high-quality racing game with amazing weather effects, but it's not some complete masterpiece. And i say this as a massive Evolution Studios fanboy who is still pissed at Sony for shitcanning them over this game while they let mediocre games like Days Gone stand tall and proud as exclusives...

  29. Might be an unpopular opinion but I found Driveclub way better than Gran Turismo. It's a shame we won't see a Driveclub 2 or anything by Evolution Studios again, they were such an underrated studio. I'd give anything for an open world Driveclub or hell, even an open world Motorstorm.

  30. Driverclub was a soulless game, the only good thing about it was the graphics. I really don't understand why people start to love a shitty game after years. Nostalgia is a bitch that blinds most of us.

  31. I played this game everyday a month after it released and it's one of if not the greatest racing game ever made, and I've played pretty much every Gran Turismo and Forza Game. The DLC has to be the best in gaming history, this game is a masterpiece no joke.

  32. Underappreciated GEM of a game. A technical landmark as well. This game should have gone on to become a premiere series for Sony.

  33. The only racing game that actually makes me feel scared of crashing because of the blistering speed. No other racing game does that to me. Sony were fools to let them go.

  34. Love this game and really wish Sony would've given them more of a runway. With all the success of Motor storm, for this game to be the one that out them under is disappointing. And it is Sony's fault to putting it against Gran Turismo. You can't have both.

  35. Well Sony closed the evolution studios (developers of Driveclub) in 2016, so I don't think there will be any other Driveclub game ever.

  36. In light of the recent success of Forza Horizon the studio shutdown is especially sad. This could have evolved into Playstation Horizon counterpart.

  37. I wish they would have increased the FPS or improved the graphics on the PS4 Pro, unfortunately it never profited from being played on the Pro

  38. don't forget they added frickin motorcycles as well! it was sooo good, only season pass I ever bought and definitely worth it. too bad the studio doesn't exist no more and their first thq game was really bad

  39. It was delayed, the servers were on fire and the "free" ps plus version only had the worst tracks in the game.

  40. The way those rain drops react to movement and speed is incredible. It’s the small details driving games miss sadly, this looks dope and I’m not usually a car game guy.

  41. I played so fucking much Driveclub while I was in college, really fond memories. Sucks that it never really caught on in the way it needed to to justify support.

  42. After all patching up was done this was truly a material for Sony's flagship racing franchise. So much content with DLC!

  43. The outside of the car looks good but what’s up with that field of view? It’s like it’s a tiny box you look out of. That amount of ceiling view doesn’t look right at all.

  44. I still play it every now and then. The only game I've ever bought a Season Pass for, the absolute opposite of regret

  45. What bothers me, Sony could have easily given us a DriveClub 2 for the PS5 launch and it wouldn't have hurt GT7 since that's not launching till 2022. They could have treated DriveClub as a stop gap between GT releases. I loved playing DriveClub on the PS4 and on the PSVR. Yes, it wasn't a perfect game, but it was damn pretty and I enjoyed it.

  46. Never played or even seen anything about it. Don't even know when this was released. I only recall the name and that's it, but this rain is impressive. I think I got a new game on my wishlist. Thanks.

  47. There was a racing game I played years and years ago, maybe on Xbox? First game I ever saw realistic glowing brake rotors and the damage physics were unparalleled. I want to say it was named after a rally driver or something. I miss being able to at least TRY to keep driving with a wheel missing.

  48. Is this game available at the online store? I never heard of this game before, I got a ps4 almost two years ago. But I love how this game looks

  49. Damn shame what happened to that game. Once I tried it I got completely hooked and bought all the DLC. Wishing I lived in the timeline where it didn't get sent to die.

  50. Best racing game I've played. It had the right amount of arcade and simulator mix, and the graphics are still stunning. Shame they dissolved the studio.

  51. Is it better than Gran Turismo in terms of single player? I'm reuniting a small collection of classic PS4 games and I was thinking about GT. I know DC servers were shut down but that would only prevent me of getting the platinum trophy (though GT platinum trophy looks almost impossible because of multiplayer grind)

  52. I’ve been loving Forza but remembering how the rain worked in this game always bugs me that Forza didn’t do it as good

  53. I’ve been playing a lot of Forza Horizon (I know I know it’s Xbox). But seeing this clip reminds me of forza. Forza is great but this is perfection.

  54. These feckin cockpit views are unplayable. That is not how much you see driving. Unless you are driving from the backseat

  55. Still such a bummer they shut down after this. It's shocking that Driveclub still looks this gorgeous, I'm not sure if any other racing game has topped this yet.

  56. Shame we'll never see a sequel, but Dirt 5 really reminds me of Driveclub, and it's great on both PS4 and PS5.

  57. The graphics are being praised as they should, but what deserves more talk is the sound design. The cars sound absolutely phenomenal

  58. If you guys want to see how Driveclub's game engine looks like in present time, play Dirt 5. The game uses Driveclub's engine (thanks to Codemasters Cheshire who used to be Evolution Studios).

  59. Best racing game I had played since RR4. Game had an incredible sense of speed and the track layouts were top notch. Alot of memorable twists and turns and jumps into turns and such throughout.

  60. This game is brilliant. Still looks good to this day. Its a shame they shut the support down

  61. This game came with my ps4 back when I got it. I never really payed attention to it in the first year or so, but then I actually tried it once and almost immediatly fell in love with it. The game looked so good and I really enjoyed playing it. In my opinion driveclub has always been one of the most underrated games on ps4.

  62. I got on a racing kick recently and decided to fire up the PS+ edition (demo?) of Driveclub. Took a bit of adjustment coming from GT Sport, but found it to be a really fine game. Such a shame support was pulled from that. Another perfect example of how social-based games suck because servers and support will ALWAYS end sometime. Le sigh, went and bought Project Cars 3 at 75% off to hold me over until GT 7 comes out.

  63. The multiplayer system was horrible, bad, barely usable, terrible, and quite frankly embarrassing. I can't believe they released it in the state it was in and they never even fixed it.

  64. My only reaction is holy shit. This is what I wanted to get for myself but the only game being marketed is Dirt 5.

  65. And thats why it was dead within a month after release. People always praise games X years later. Especially people who only rushed through the story/whatever in like 5 hours and then dropped it.

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