[Video] [God of War] The Fate of the Valkyries

  1. Took me six months too kill the queen the rest were two days and you know I have all the achievements on every gow I've played

  2. I could not for the life of my beat her on hard difficulty. Spent an entire weekend constantly getting her down to like 15-20% health. She was all I needed to get my first ever Platinum. Caving in, I dropped it to Easy just for the moral victory of saying yes I have beaten her, imagine my surprise when I got the Platinum trophy.

  3. I honestly didn't find her that hard which is odd considering it's contrary to most people's experiences. Took me maybe n hour but it wasn't anything too bad.

  4. Having played DS 1, 2 , 3 and Bloodborne, lemme tell ya this boss felt like a 7-8/10 on the difficulty scale at least. I only beat her on hard because I basically just kept trying, and trying, and trying, from practicing my opening moves to tweaking my equips. It was SO satisfying to finally do it.

  5. I commented above about my frustration. There is no rhyme or reason with the attacks. It was insanely hard. I rage quit several times. The spin move made me mad. Every time I entered that arena I was mad again. Lol

  6. Not op but you have to be relentless, don’t give her space. Just attack attack attack and dodge when cued.

  7. You just have to learn their moves once you figure them out they're pretty easy but good luck with Sigrún she's the queen and she's definitely the hardest.

  8. I had to turn down the difficulty a notch to beat the last one. Sucks but don’t let pride be the reason you don’t get the enjoyment of finishing it

  9. When she goes to do her unblockable air attack hit her with an axe throw. Knocks her down and you can wail on her.

  10. Besides learning patterns, the game changer for me was throwing your axe whenever they went airborne to attack. It knocks them down and you can get a few free hits in. When I found that out Sigrun went from frustratingly hard to an absolute cakewalk.

  11. I started with Dark Souls right after I finished my GoW Platinum. Unless you play on the easiest setting, Dark Souls is easy compared to the Valk Queen.

  12. The Valkyrie made me so angry. I tried to Google a cheat. Nope. Nothing. Best search said perseverance. It’s my favorite franchise but holy hell I never want to face that Valkyrie again. Lol

  13. Not gonna lie, killed one of the "easier" ones after several tries, noped out and didn't beat them all. I've got better things to do than to be pissed off at a video game.

  14. Not gonna lie, killed one of the "easier" ones after several tries, noped out and didn't beat them all. I've got better things to do than to be pissed off at a video game.

  15. This makes me want to continue my NG+ GMGOW play through. But I suck and keep dieing lol. But gosh i can't imagine how satisfying beating the boss valk kill would be.

  16. First one I met was in the fire realm, died many times. Eventually I killed it, and the rest. Yaaas this is Monday motivation right here.

  17. I'm ashamed to admit I never beat all these ladies. Any idea if there will be more in the second one or is there any dialogue implying Kratos killed all of them?

  18. I killed all the Valkyries but one of the helms didn't appear in my inventory, didn't realize until I went to kill the Valkyrie queen. That made me quit the game and I haven't played it ever since.

  19. When I replayed the game for the fourth time on God of War I was able to beat all of the Valkyries without dying. That in itself should've been a cash prize to my door. I just replayed it and couldn't beat a single one on easy lmao.

  20. I can’t beat the last one. I’ve tried to git gud, but I suck. Haven’t played in months because I’m so pissed. Last thing I need for platinum.

  21. I'm wondering what will Ragnaroks version of the Valkyries be? Those tough enemies tucked away somewhere that you can tackle after you've leveled up enough. Maybe we face some old enemies in Hel or Odin has some new ones saved for us in Asgard.

  22. Had tons of fun on Valkyrie Queen part. She could one shot me at any moment. Took like 20 tries to take her down. Not as bad as Sekiro last boss lol

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  24. I rage quit 3 yrs ego with only one trophy missing from the plat - the lovely Sigrun of course. I revisited the game this year. And finally, I beat the b***h after following written guide by the guy named optinoob. Highly recommend it for those who still struggle with valkyries.

  25. I beat the game and it took me 6 months after the fact to beat the Queen. That’s one achievement I’m ok with being on my tombstone. No lie 😐

  26. I rage quit because of the Valkyries. I slaughtered all (except for the Queen) with ease. I may have died a couple times, but I figured out their patterns fast... and then the Queen of the Valkyries. I tried for weeks, dieing, fighting, dieing, fighting... over and over again. I I remember correctly, I was only able to make it around half her health bar. After a little over a month of that, I have not touched the game since

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