[Ghost Of Tsushima] [Video] The Ghost Of Tsushima

  1. You can tell it's not a trailer because the footage is 100% representative of actual gameplay. That's exactly how the game looks and plays. If you've played the game, you can tell exactly what moves are being shown, and they look just as badass in the actual game.

  2. Saw the trailer for this game and was on the fence, watched this video and am now going out to pick it up. Definitely seems worth it now.

  3. I just beat it yesterday. I haven’t played a game all the way through in probably 7 years, not even Red Dead 2 (stopped when he got sick, kinda messed up exploring and just fucking around). A little bummed the main story is done but I’m sure I’ll pick it up to finish some of the side quests I didn’t complete.

  4. Even after playing this game for 60+ hours, it never gets dull to look at, and it never gets dull killing Mongols.

  5. For everything this game could do better, everything is gets right feels SO good. I’m playing a second time through on lethal after getting the platinum which I never do normally. It’s just so satisfying to play.

  6. I’m normally stingy as hell and will happily wait for discounts . The last time I bought a full priced game was Witcher 3.

  7. I'd argue the in-game looks a bit better since compression kills the quality in a video due to the foliage.

  8. Man I love your stuff Much! I'd be surprised if someone in the industry hasn't reached out to you for trailer or marketing opportunities.

  9. How do you get the dance of wrath to consistently hit 3 enemies? Most of the time it just double strikes one mongol and then goes to a second enemy for the third strike. Anyone know what I may be doing wrong?

  10. Blade strength. These were just weak bandits and ronin. The most Mongols have a higher health pool besides the archers which you can slice through 3 in one dance.

  11. If you have the kunai fully upgraded and use a charm to increase their damage, you can do a throw with them then use Dance of Wrath to take out 3 guys.

  12. It will only switch targets after you've fully depleted an enemies health. If you're going for style points you'd have to get a couple hits in on all three of them first to lower their health, and then each strike will be fatal and will switch after every kill.

  13. Amazing job OP. You truly know how to capture the life of setting, reminds me of one of Skyrim’s old gameplay trailers. 👏

  14. I also beat W3 on hardest difficulty (and felt i almost had to because the lower difficulties were just too easy). On normal difficulty it starts off not too easy (you're just learning the game) but not too long before it gets pretty easy. There are two difficulty levels above it, the highest of which (Lethal) requires you to focus at all times and is really thrilling. Literally any enemy can kill you if you're lax. So if you want more challenge I think it's great. I'm now about halfway through the game and Lethal stays thrilling because you really have to master the parries and the stances. Not just hacking and slashing your way through. Every fight is a real kill or be killed situation. I also made it a personal challenge to not use stealth much and role play as an "honorable samurai" because I feel so badass taking on a whole hoard with just my sword. I love it. Granted it still not that insanely difficult (FromSoft games are much harder) but the challenge keeps each encounter fresh and exciting.

  15. It isn’t easy at the start and you get ghost weapons that can feel over powered. Enemies tend to juke you in standoffs. A big part of the game if you want it to be is timing for perfect dodges and perfect parrys. I haven’t upgraded the ghost weapons and playing through with mostly the sword and bow. It feels great to string 5 standoff kills, then hitting the remainder of the enemies with arrows all before you take a step forward.

  16. I think the Witcher was more difficult, but Ghost isn’t a walk in the park. It definitely has some challenging moments (I think I’m about halfway thru the game). That being said there’s just certain aspects of the game (like gaining abilities, upgrades, and character customization) that Ghost does quite a bit better in my opinion. Love both games.

  17. The wind acts as the waypoint system. Instead of putting yellow lines or obnoxious icons on the screen you follow the wind. Nature plays a huge part in the game.

  18. Yeah, it's a good game, but it feels like they didn't quite know what to do with it sometimes. The world feels way too empty.

  19. man how do you do those combat transitions? really wanna make one of these myself but I have no clue how you make the transition while in combat so smooth

  20. Now this is a good one, no unnecessary flourish like a parry, then a smoke bomb, then a sticky bomb finished off with a dance if wrath

  21. I love this game so much. It’s up in my top 5 all time. The only thing I hate are the haikus lol. It’s also in dire need of new game plus or an outpost reset kinda thing like far cry has.

  22. Started playing it recently and decided to go to lethal difficulty like 3 hours into the game. If the loading wasn't like 5 seconds I would have turned it down long ago. I'm dying like 10-20 times on missions. It sucks when I only have an hour to play and spend 30 min on one encounter. I don't like how enemies disappear if they kill you, they respawn you in a new location but the AI does something different next time and it's not predictable so it's easier or harder and I like that. Kinda feels like cheating when I die and the AI aggros easier enemies first. I'm coming right off Sekiri/Dark Souls 3 so I need to unlearn things. Even still I'm loving it.

  23. Man I really can't wait to play this but my PS4 just died. Seems no point to buy a new one with the PS5 right around the corner. I'm assuming I'll be able to play this in the PS5 anyone hear?

  24. How do people make these look aweosme without getting shot by archers? Even when I take them out first usually the other dudes around are all in my face annoying the bejesus outta me!

  25. Can you share how you captured this or what monitor you are using? Love the detail here and lack of stutter. I want to achieve something like this but need to mess with my TV settings

  26. Videos like these are so stunning. Wish I could be done with just the ps4's video editing software. I'd be all over this like fat stewie and his ice cream cone if I could

  27. My favorite part is that the NPC characters who you are supposed to follow are faster than you, so you can indeed follow them

  28. God I really need to get this game. I keep planning on getting it next paycheck but then something keeps coming up. Sudden vet bills, sudden emergency dental work, new tires because an old one popped due to the heat, etc. Fuckin 2020 stop dicking me around and let me be a ronin!

  29. I'm seriously thinking about buying a ps4 for myself only to be able to play this game.. I've seen so much of it in the last time and it's just the type of game I love to play. Thanks for the awesome insights!

  30. I really need to stop watching stuff like this before playing the game, because the graphics on this are for a PS4 Pro (looks like) and I only have the original PS4, so it's going to be a downgrade

  31. I’m assuming this is 4K? Mine definitely doesn’t look this awesome on my launch PS4. However I enjoy the game enough to play it again on a PS5 down the road.

  32. This looks beautiful. Normally I don't buy games when they're relatively new but damn, this is tempting me

  33. Damn that transition toughe when i attacking with triangle + circle (forgot what the attack was called).

  34. This looks like that into the badlands show on netflix. I think the main character is named Sonny or something like that...

  35. What an amazing game, I'm enjoying every second, I just started uncovering the northern part and OMG it's even more gorgeous than the south part.

  36. I'm still waiting to find out if this is a real video game or one of those interactive movie games. It looks like the latter, in which case I'm not interested.

  37. I don’t comment much but wanted to say that was super dope and you definitely just sold that game to me more than any piece of content I’ve seen.

  38. I took this game from my younger brother, our mom bought it for him but all he does is play fortnite had it for 2 weeks still unopened.

  39. Does it get more exciting in Act 2? It feels a bit repetitive. I stopped and went to finish Sekiro. Then went onto my unfinished Nioh 2. Figured I would get all the sam ninja stuff out of the way all at once 😂

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