[PS4] [Video] End of a Generation

  1. Man I got my ps4 2 years ago. Still have RDD2, last of us 1 and two, horizon 0, divinity sin 2, and God of war sitting on my shelf to play. Can't wait to get a ps5 in 2022 hahaha

  2. I appreciated that it used the greatest feeling possible in bloodborne, getting a visceral on god damn motherfucking piece of shit ridiculous reach having bullshit strong gun wielding quickening spamming asshole gerhman.

  3. I mean that game was the actual devisive game this generation. Some people love it, others are just its okay the rest couldnt hold their interest long enough. I'm the third kind, i tried twice. I got like 8 - 9 hours give or take? The story didnt pick up to motivate me, the characters i couldnt care for, and the gameplay had lost its charm by then. By that point i was just trying to justify my purchase but i couldnt keep dragging myself any longer. In the future i hope they get to the point a lot faster or in a better fashion. Ghost is a long game too, but the story developes just doing a few main missions and you dont have to deal with "gas" and the npc interaction is to the point.

  4. I picked it up while ago, tried to get into it, felt like giving up, and then pushed on... Holy crap. That game is seriously underrated. I can't believe how much damage a crappy release did to that game's reputation, but it is not the game people were complaining about before.

  5. I’ve seen it brought up twice in as many posts now. Bought it last week for $5 having never heard of it and I’m not even mad at it.

  6. Yeah most popular fps games are cod and battlefield whats the point of competing with them if they can just copy paste and win mass appeal year after year.

  7. It was arguably one of the biggest exclusives in its own right so I was surprised by the lack of it too, but still was an amazing edit

  8. honorable mentions: Days Gone, Nioh 2, Gravity Rush 2, Uncharted Lost Legacy, The Last Guardian, Infamous Second Son and First Light, Ratchet and Clank, Shadow of the Colossus Remake

  9. If the sequel fixes up the side character animations and voicework (which were already better in the Frozen Wilds) and adds cool new weapons to kill cool new robots with, it’ll be an easy 10/10.

  10. I’ve owned a PS4 for 5 years - played all the souls games, all the other big titles - and just started Bloodborne the other day. It’s awesome, but I can’t get past Father Gasciogne for the life of me. It’s like the Fume Knight, but at the beginning of the game.

  11. No hate to xbox tho, i have one myself but how can you unironically say that xbox has better exclusives than the playstation? If you dont like halo, gears or forza you are literally screwed, with playstation you habe such an insane variety of games that a lot of my friends are jealous of me because i own a playstation and a lot of them a xbox.

  12. I don’t think anyone is saying Xbox has better exclusives. I’m saying this as someone who uses Xbox as my main way way of gaming. The exclusives aren’t what Microsoft markets for the Xbox. They’ve been focusing on gaming accessibility or the last few years. Anyone that has been following what the Xbox has done for the past few years knows that. You have deals like game pass which is one of the best gaming deals out there, Xbox live on switch, and on windows. The few exclusives they did have, they started to port out like Cuphead, Halo, and Forza.

  13. It depends on what you want. I use my PS4 for single player exclusives but any single player multi-platform game I go Xbox due to the superior controller design. Same with any multi platform multiplayer games like COD or Apex, better controller and a better online community. If you can only afford one console and don’t generally play online I’d say go PlayStation for the great story driven exclusives. If you like online play I’d say go Xbox for the community and controller.

  14. I just love the fact that it came out with some powerhouse games like Ghost of Tsushima and Last of Us Part II even when the PS5 was announced. Like they very well could have made them only for the PS5.

  15. I’m an Xbox guy myself - but this looked great! Glad you guys had such an awesome gen with so much support and unique games. I had a chance to play some of them over the years and was always so impressed - especially with god of war and uncharted. I hope next gen is just as good for you all !

  16. Glad to see Uncharted 4 is on here, one of the best games, it’s so well done and I like how it’s still a big milestone for PS4

  17. Amazing montage! I would love to see one that includes all the biggest games of this generation including some more exclusives and some multiplatform games like the Witcher 3 and red dead redemption 2.

  18. This was such a great gen for Sony. I've had every Xbox since the original, but the One X may be the end of the line there. PS5 + PC just makes too much sense now.

  19. It's missing Death Stranding, Persona 5, and Ratchet and Clank. There are a few others but he stuck with a genre for sure to make the transitions look good

  20. All these games (except Ghosts) I own, Bloodborne being the reason I got my PS4, and the others only added to that reason. Definitely worth the investment. I may prefer PC gaming, but the successors of these games, and the new IPs will most likely be the reason I’ll eventually cave and get a PS5. Thank you for the countless hours of gaming fun, PS4, I was good to you and you were good to me.

  21. Can't wait till the grace period between consoles gens is over. Most new games announced for the PS5 and Xbox Series X (mostly them) are pretty ugly looking.

  22. I’m an Xbox guy. Only use my ps4 for exclusives. But fucking ps4 killed it this generation with its games. Seriously.

  23. Would it be wrong to buy a PS4 before the PS5 comes out. (Context I'm a college freshman and looking into a cheeper gaming platform since I have a Xbox and xbox live but still want to play the same game ie. MHW)

  24. days gone, horizon, GoW are the incredible games. the environments in them are the best I've ever played. I just got ghost of tsushima and that's definitely going in the same category, even though I have played it yet. you can tell just watching videos. it's hard to believe they can make improvements for the next gen, super exciting.

  25. Ghost Of Tsushima is an absolute masterpiece, They atleast knew that there's a thing known as Touchpad motion sensor. Sucker Punch is just Amazing.

  26. I know I’m going to get downvoted to hell for this but Bloodborne was by far the best game out of these. The rest all follow the same formula too closely for my tastes, although they share great stories they aren’t particularly innovative. They are what I like to call a movie game.

  27. I mean, they're all third person, but unless you're playing camera simulator, I don't see how that justifies them being similar.

  28. Saying their all very similar because they're 3rd person is like saying doom and cod are essentially the same because they're 1st person shooters, shut the fuck up

  29. Since the ps4 has come out ive transformed from a wide eyed sophomore in high school to a prematurely bitter young adult. How time flies.

  30. I only got a PS4 a few months ago - going to pretend this generation doesn't end for another couple years so I can properly enjoy it all. Recognized almost every game except for the last one, could someone tell me what it is?

  31. I went into this expecting P5 too but I guess the transition style they're doing won't go well with P5

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