One of the most transformative experiences of my life! Gonna miss these guys!!!

  1. You should start a new game and make sure to finish Maruki, Akechi, and Kasumi’s confidant. That gets you a lot of extra gameplay

  2. Damn I didn’t trust Maruki so I just ignored his confidant. I wanted to avoid any spoilers my first playthrough but now I’m having some second thoughts lol

  3. Um my guy this is not the end if you maxed out a certain confidant if you didn’t then yea that’s the end for you😂

  4. Me reading and sobbing that OP is willing to wait a year to replay the entire game and do 20+ hours of content when he'll most likely be spoiled

  5. I get what you mean... I appreciate all the tips about maxing out the Maruki's confidant but I had to disable notifications after someone said I missed out on the "true villain". Guess I had it coming lol

  6. Congrats!! But you missed the true ending and the final 20 hours of the story as well as the true villain of the plot by the way. You need to max out Maruki's confidant for access to the final villain and last 20 hours of the game and also Kasumi and Akechi's for the true ending. If you do their confidants, they turn into some of the most important characters of the series.

  7. While doing NG+ max all confidant and do super bosses while on that(they are only available on NG+ exception made for one) , one of the bosses can be missed if not done before December 18, other two unlocks in royal content instead, and last but not least, 100% thief den, that will net you around 180-200 hours of gameplay.

  8. Hey so I have the digital PS4 version of Royal. Can I get it upgraded to the digital PS5 version for free and keep my save data?

  9. Where have you been in the beginning of September? It was a major thing that you can’t get free update and transfer safe files

  10. don't worry you've still got about another 10 to 15 hours of game if you did things correctly and a sequel

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