Your experience with hemorrhagic cyst?

  1. My roommate just had one. Deep stabbing pain for months that grew and grew, then her doctor put her on a new birth control, and then it just went away. It didn’t even rupture, just went back down again.

  2. She put me on the mini pill, twice a day since July but it hasn't changed anything except an increase in acne and hair loss lol thanks for the response, just to see what others experience

  3. I have had multiple hemmoraghic cysts (separate from my ruptured cysts). Absolute hell each time, multiple trips to the ER, and some were smaller than yours. Excruciating, debilitating pain. For one of them I had such severe back pain I felt partially paralyzed (was told "sometimes you feel them in your back first").

  4. Well before I ever started birth control, I would have debilitating pain on day one of my periods, not every period but probably 4-5 in a year. I would faint, vomit, it was hard to breathe because the pain was so bad (I had no access to a doctor as a kid/teenager). Since starting birth control 12 years ago, I have had an episode like this three times, once being yesterday.

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