P90x3 done! Now what?

  1. If you want to add some muscle while doing those things, body beast is always good. Liift4 is also good change of pace and don't be afraid to add pull ups to the back days

  2. Congrats! I finished P90X3 in May and took a week off. Started Insanity Max30 based on some nice recommendations on this forum. Definitely an endurance challenge that feels different and more intense than P90X3. I’m drenched in sweat after every workout. Lots of plyometrics though, I have to do the routine barefoot because every shoe was causing foot pain due to all the jumping.

  3. Kind of depends on what you like to do, I guess. If you haven't tried the other P90X programs, those are definitely worth a shot. If you have BOD, there are a handful of other good programs on there.

  4. Congratulations on completing the program. Do you have the elite block? I found a used DVD last fall, and it kicked my butt

  5. Thanks for all the ideas! Much appreciated. Should have mentioned that I did this using DVDs, so don’t have Beachbody On Demand.

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