OW2 Launch FAQ (aka Please read this!!!)

  1. I live in Southeast Asia and opted to play on American server. But I'm certain there's not a single american in my games. Why is that?

  2. Not being able to play crossplatform competitive is a really big issue. Why is that again? Do you not have aim assist for controller players?

  3. Has anyone figured out the locked heroes glitch? I was literally playing yesterday with all heroes and now they're all locked.

  4. It says I have to “unlock” some of my most played heroes and i find this to be bullshit. There’s no other way to put it that this launch has been a shit show. Literally I can’t play my main cause of this locked bullshit.

  5. Does anyone know if I’m dropping skill levels from getting disconnected, played a few comp games and got disconnected so just curious

  6. I got disconnected with bunch of other people in late game competitive and the game wasn't in my history after I logged in so I guess it didn't count

  7. I like money too but can blizzard employees have some compassion and sympathy for the people who love playing overwatch everyday? I mean....It appears that blizzard is taking their time on transforming overwatch into fortnite, which is bad on its own(so many fans of the game left)...I hate it but I'm starting to feel the same way about overwatch! Atleast hurry up and f*ck up the game fast! Anyways, thank you, yes, thank you blizzard for overwatch, but I doubt I'll even get a thank you back... can't get in, its been 3 days

  8. i hate not having the level borders. seriously i dont get it? they looked so cool and it was so fun seeing it change as you level up. now its just one less thing yo enjoy.

  9. yeah, it's even more frustrating that I almost had a silver border and now I am gonna have to see that failure every time I open my career profile. I don't know what even made them decide to get rid of them it wasn't negatively affecting the gameplay.

  10. It claims it randomly opened 15 unopened loot boxes. But doesn’t show I got anything on my hero’s screen nor did my legacy currency increase…

  11. Anyone else's Career Profile stats just completely wrong? Pretty much everything number is practically random, everything from hours played to hero-specific stats

  12. Yes, yesterday i played like 2 hours but my stats say i have played for 42 minutes, and if i check my hero specific stats they are completely wrong from time played to games won everything is wrong.

  13. Finally get into a match. Literal 30 seconds from winning game servers crash. Come back, wait in queue, after about 2 episodes of LetterKenny I get back in. All my Heros are unlocked, cosmetics and items all there…..ranked play locked. WTF!

  14. Should be fine. You can't unlock any of the old content just by playing the new game without taking additional steps to do it intentionally, so it's not like you can accidentally double unlock something and waste currency or anything of that nature.

  15. Accidentally skipped the qr code on my console and instead put in my phone number. Was that the same thing or did I miss out on it? Is there a way to get back to the Qr code?

  16. Why can't I play Dva, she's the only character I like playing and she is locked. I know I had to unlock her by doing hero challenges but now she's locked again :( Can anyone help me or tell me what's going on

  17. Assuming you're not on a totally new account, that's just a bug. Re-log and it should resolve itself. Had it happen to me once on Tuesday and it resolved itself by logging out and back in (which unfortunately does mean another wait in the queue)

  18. I can't navigate the menu at all, I see M&Kb prompts(Esc>menu, Enter>Chat) but I'm playing it on console. Sheesh Blizzard what a sloppy launch

  19. Is there a reason I can't click account merge at all ? I know I have my Xbox account linked to my battlenet but nothing happens when I try the merge. I know there's merge problems but not sure if this is the problem people are having

  20. I have tried hopping on PS4 account which had everything from Ow1 but now has nothing even though it was linked and i tried merging to my PC which i have never played ow1 on. Just installing it on the PC now but dont know if i should try open it when its done cause i dont wanna mess the merging stuff up. Should i give it a shot or wait?

  21. Seems so. I've had the shop option pop up on the title menu a couple of times, but clicking on it says it isn't available yet (which, given the ongoing server issues, is probably a good thing for now)

  22. I haven’t gotten the battle pass yet as in like I paid for the beta and it hasn’t given me the battle pass someone explain

  23. Overwatch 2 is awesome. I really wanted to lose access to all the heroes, all my skins, all of my stats, etc. They nailed it. 😡

  24. I bought 1000 coins on the battle.net shop and it hasn't updated in game even though it took my money. Blizzard literally robbed me.

  25. I thought OW1 owners got the battlepass and Kiriko for free? I don't seem to have either of those.

  26. OW1 owner here, can't play the game at all because I have a Cricket phone.. I have a blizzard authenticator from when they were first released for WoW back in Cata but nope, that's just not Authentic enough... Imagine a day where the blizzard authenticator isn't enough I need a specific phone number from a provider they deem acceptable? wtf

  27. is it normal that u get ranked in bronze after ur 7 first wins ?? i won one game lost 2 then i won 6 in a row but i got bronze is it bugged or normal in that new ranked system

  28. No more end of match cards? It might be redundant but i really liked seeing who was top of certain categories showcased at the end of the match.

  29. On console. I've tried logging into OW2 numerous times. It continues to tell me there is a queue of 2000 people. This number does not change, no matter how long I've waited.

  30. SMS protect - Using a number that is already in use on another account can leave the client in an unusable state. If you encounter this, close the title, log into the affected 

  31. Guys I don't know what it is but i can't Start my game. When I try to start it, it would Show "playing now" but after 5sec there is the "Play" Button again and nothing ist happening and it won't start. I installed the newest Graphic Card Driver and reinstalled the game and Client. Does anyone has the same problem or a solution?

  32. Have I fucked up. If I merge my overwatch 2 on the same xbox and account as my overwatch 1 will I get all my skins I didn't fo anything on overwatch 1 for years I didn't connect a battle.net account. Have I lost all my stuff

  33. No,just go to battle net website and log in with your new battlenet acc on which your ow2 acc is. Then go to linked accounts in the profile settings tab and link your xbox live id.

  34. No general chat, battle pass, cluster fuck gameplay, lied about campaign, lied about keeping ow1 live going, people losing skins and heroes. Must feel really nice if you bought any of those $15 skins like the mercy breast cancer.

  35. Anybody else having this same issue of being on console, i get in, but has the layout of pc. So i cant move or click anything on the menu or even set settings?

  36. I played ow1 for like 100 hours and when I logged in I lost everything except origin skins, but then my skins from the legendary edition weren't there? also half of my heroes are locked

  37. You gotta connect old acc to new,when you are on pc then you gotta do nothing But if you switched from pc to console or console to pc you gotta link it in battle net section

  38. The game assumes I’m a new player, have to go though tutorial and all my progress as well as skins is gone. Is this normal? I’m super confused

  39. 174 hours into the original Overwatch, yet after (finally) getting OW2 to accept a phone number & let me into the game, I find that most of the heroes are locked for me.

  40. Why do I have like half of the characters locked? I’ve been playing OW1 since 2016. All my skins carried over but can’t play as all characters

  41. Merging is bugged but after playing 5 matches of qp a acct merge button will appear for you to merge your stuff but it's as I said bugged

  42. I played ow1 and also got the founders pass and i didnt get any battle pass tiers and ranked is locked for me in ow2, why?

  43. I got into the game after 7+hours of waiting only to see all my stats and skins are completely gone and it’s treating me like a new player when I’ve been playing overwatch since it first came out. This is very sad blizzard like extremely freaking sad because a good amount of people and probably myself included are probably gonna walk away from this game if it doesn’t get fixed

  44. Better than me, it's just locked my characters. I can see all my skins, but it says I need to unlock each one with a battle pass or in game events.

  45. So you have to merge accounts of you only ever played on one console to get all your skins moved over from 1 to 2? Blizzard originally said you don't need to it will all move automatically?

  46. You gotta have a battlenet acc for ow2 acc And cause you only played on console the battlenet acc is a fresh acc You log into this battlenet account on the website and go to linked accounts,then link your corresponding console account and then its merged. Problem is just that at the moment merging is bugged

  47. Qr code doesnt show by itself,its in settings somewhere. And you can do ir without qr and trough battle net site. If you see the merge account button then the game already has your 2 acc lined up for merging. Its in a queue right now for everyone so calm down.

  48. All heroes were unlocked for me last night, but this morning the game thinks I'm a new player and I only have a limited pool heroes available.

  49. 20000 players in front, down to 50, then 10, searching for server... 300 players in front, a moment later im entering game....great cant wait... server error

  50. OW1 player here, and it looks like my account was completely wiped. All of my stats, icons, currency, golden guns and cosmetics are gone, and most of the characters are locked. It basically looks like a brand new account even though I've been playing for the past 4 years. I do, however, still have twitch drop rewards as well as origins skins.

  51. If you see the merge account button then the game already has your 2 acc lined up for merging. Its in a queue right now for everyone. If you dont see it then go to battlenet and merge your accounts

  52. I haven't even been able to play yet its almost been A full 24 hours since the game has been out and it still won't connect me to a server this is ridiculous

  53. Ow1 player here, missing half my skins, half the hero's are also locked with no way to unlock them

  54. Has anyone experienced choppiness in the map once you're in? I was playing a round and the enemy would vanish for a second or 2 then just reappear, and I'd be dead because I had frozen for that time.

  55. So I used to play Overwatch a lot back on my PS4 and stopped for about 2 years but now I am trying Overwatch 2 on my PS5 and I don't have any skins or characters transferring over, do y'all thinking I'm fucked? I had linked my battle net account a long time ago so that shouldn't be an issue hopefully.

  56. Also on PS4, but it seems to have created a new account rather than merging with my battlenet, which has all my skins on. I can’t find anywhere to change/merge accounts again, so idk what to do where, or if I just lost all my stuff

  57. So what happens to my MMR if I played all of OW1 on PC and play OW2 on console? I don't have my PC at a desk anymore, I have it in the living room connected to my TV and don't have a proper KBM setup, instead using my mouse on the arm of my couch. So I decided to play OW2 on my PS5 since I'll have all my cosmetics and things. Will it just be using my PC MMR or will I basically be starting from scratch as far as that's concerned?

  58. Hey guys, did anyone manage to finalize the console merging process on PC? I'm also wondering if I'm the only one who's unable to purchase ANYTHING in the game, there's no option for me to buy the BP, currency or anything else.

  59. anyone else lose their 5 years of overwatch 1 progress? i mean everything, back to rank 1, no skins, no emotes, absolutely fucking nothing.

  60. Ow2 is a mess, can't even play a game i payed for and played recently cus im on a prepaid mobile plan. Oh yeah this is on pc not fucking mobile Blizzard I want my damn money back if I'm not even allowed to play

  61. This is my issue also. I played one game on ps5 worried that it synced and overwrit my saved data from years ago. I remember a lot of legendary skin I look boxed for and now I can not see anything. I have a cloud file for ps4 back in 2016 that I want to load but don't want to sync it incorrectly. I have therefore turned off the game until my progression updates

  62. i know my account is merged because i have the dva police and genji oni skins , but how long do i have to wait for the rest of my progress to come back

  63. This is a different game---comp will be better off without someone who is playing their very first 5v5 match.

  64. I'm assuming I'm not the only one who hasn't been given access to any of the Watchpoint stuff, like currency or the battle pass?

  65. Same. It’s weird. It shows my account has successfully merged. I have all my cosmetics and levels and stats from OW1. But I bought the watchpoint pack too, but haven’t recieved my Premium Battlepass, 2000 coins or exclusive skins :(

  66. I played Overwatch (one) exclusively on Xbox before, but am now playing Overwatch 2 on PC. I launched the game today and didn't have all past heroes and my skins, even though I had already linked my Xbox and Battle.net accounts. Is this a known problem or is it just me (and a friend of mine)

  67. Having a similar issue. Linked my PS4 account and logged on PC when the OW2 came online, said it was on queue, still says it now around half a day later with no progress transferred. Though my friend who linked his around the same time says every time he boots up his game, he gets more and more progress transferred. Not sure if its a priority thing like maybe he activated it before I did so his is happening first, or if some people are having issues and others aren't, but those are my best guesses so far.

  68. So I bought Watchpoint months ago but it showing that I dont have it and I can buy it again even tho the purchase is showing for psn.

  69. Same. I even have my transaction ID and idk how to properly contact Sony. If you find a way please reply to this 😭

  70. I tried to attach my sms using the QR code. It did something, and my sms is apparently attached to some account, but when I login to battle net with all my emails none of them have my number attached. And i still have the attach sms screen.

  71. I can verify that is in fact Sophos. I’ve uninstalled it and the game launches fine after that. I’m thinking Overwatch must detect it as an exploit or some sort of tampering application as I don’t see anything in the Sophos logs about Overwatch being blocked. Nor does any policy I implement in Sophos resolve the issue.

  72. Sorry for the obvious question but i bought and played ow1, shouldnt i get kiriko as well as soujurn and junker queen inmediatly? or do i have to unlock her thorugh the battle pass?

  73. What the fuck is this shit. No skins, no new kiriko, no ranked, it’s like I’m starting fresh. And yes my account was linked. The account merge button doesn’t even do anything. Why do I have to unlock all these hero’s. Brigitte 😭😭

  74. I've unlocked 3 achievements so far, and each time it unlocks I get disconnected from the match right after I unlock it. Has anyone else experienced this or know of a fix? (I'm on xbox series x)

  75. Bought the watch point pack but the season pass isnt unlocked and I got no coins. Anyone else having the same problem?

  76. I also bought it months ago for ps4 i downloaded ps5 version but watch pack is showing not purchased not cool .

  77. I'm having the exact same it says in queue then tells me to close the game and reload for it to just all say it again

  78. Lol VOIP numbers work for this game. Fuck people with Metro, Cricket, or any other phone service that actually requires a decent amount of money to get in. Why get a new line when you can use a free phone app (despite these idiots stating VoIP won't be able to access OW2).

  79. WHY HAVE I PAID FOR THE ORIGINAL GAME AND NOW HEROES IVE SUNK 100s of hours into are locked!!! Fix your shit

  80. My old phone number verification has no problem except I have lost this number 4 years ago ... Will they send SmS when I try to log in for the first time?

  81. I'm on PS4. I have been trying to play since the launch. The queue wait isn't as bad, gone down from 30k to 100-300, after the wait it says searching for game server and then just fails, and says login error.

  82. Does the merge accounts button even work for some people? Clicking on it is physically impossible, for me. It just doesn't respond.

  83. My career profile is completely empty, but I logged 1000 hours in OW and I don’t have any of my skins… should I panic?

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