It's Happened.

  1. Last game of Kings Row, enemy Rein was flaming thier Zarya in game chat for only bubbling their Doomfist while he was getting hacked and anti. Feeling nostalgic already lmao.

  2. My last game was on Hollywood. It was a tough one and it looked like we're gonna lose multiple times. One of my teammates said "If my last OW1 game is going to be a loss, I'm gonna scream"

  3. My last game was on Hollywood, 20 minutes before servers go down so we decided to just chill on point all game with no killing. Reminisced on some good times we all had and was just overall super wholesome. Good ‘ol 15 minute overtime and almost crying on the “see you on the other side” text.

  4. My last was on Nepal and I got to enjoy being the best Rein Zarya duo. We had a team kill shatter/meteor strike and a team kill grav/dragon. It was a great end. V_V

  5. Finished my last game with a W on Route 66 in QPC. I joined just before Sombra was released and have loved her since, so it only felt right to get the W with her.

  6. Last one was Havana. My long time overwatch friend and I played dva and rein together. I protected him with my life. Hard battle and a win. You'll be missed duo partner.

  7. My last game was attack on Eichenwalde and a teammate left about 90 seconds into the game. I left as soon as the no penalty timer reached 0:00. Typical. (I guess waiting for the timer was pointless but there was still 30 minutes left maybe so I thought I might get one more chance, but when I got to the menu, it said competitive was unavailable)

  8. I got one last c9 in yesterday on 1st point rialto. Got the cart literally the last 3/4 of way without anyone noticing lol. Classic OW

  9. I’m genuinely sad about this. I’ve played since launch and never missed a competitive season. It’s still one of my favorite games ever and one that I enjoyed playing until the end. I’ll cherish the great experience’s and moments I had playing it and with the friends I played with.

  10. It's funny i was going to log in for my final match of overwatch this was around 15 minutes before servers were actually supposed to go down and i never could have my last match. F

  11. Me and a friend had been playing since the early morning, around 8am cest and at 5:30pm a half hour before shutdown, us and the enemy team decided to just sit and talk about our time with the game over the years.

  12. This! I’ve been so busy with a shitty week last week. I forgot it was ending, and now I’m super bummed I didn’t get to play at least one more round. 😭

  13. The atmosphere was so different in the last hours. I wish I could’ve made it to the end but I started falling asleep while playing. I’m glad I went as long as I could.

  14. I miss my collection of event boxes. Had one from every event. I just remembered yesterday to spend it, close call.

  15. I've been thinking, I wonder if someone will start their own Overwatch 1 servers the way they did with WoW. And we'll have to fight Blizzard to keep it up lol

  16. as a Cricket Wireless customer, it’s really sad knowing i just….. can’t play overwatch now at all anymore. 1.5k hours spent practicing my dogshit Ana aim poof up and gone 😭

  17. It's like when you see those actors and crew members on the final day of shooting tear up. At first you don't get why they are getting that emotional (see Chris Pratt at Comic Con tearing up because Guardians 3 will be his last), but it does represent a lot of years and ups and downs. OW1 was that for many.

  18. Right? I'm holding back tears. I played this game for so many hours. The best game I've ever played.

  19. As a (former) Doomfist main I am also sad. It took me ages to perfect the "ANDESEY"-spam, not too fast or the emote gets muted but fast enough to keep it annoying.

  20. Seriously, I have so many good memories playing this game with friends and I'm actually sad to see it go and see OW2 happening like it is.

  21. Nothing will ever feel like the way you felt when you had a zarya backing you up and you two rolling the other team

  22. F, rest in peace. It's been my favourite game since release. It's very sad to see you go. But your evolution will be here tomorrow and I hope it will be just as good or better.

  23. It's bittersweet. OW is the game I keep coming back to and it's a truly unique experience. I hope OW2 brings us just as much enjoyment.

  24. I have hundreds of hours in Rein and Zarya each. If it could be said that I mained anything, it was those two. It was such a fun combination. And now, the combo is dead.

  25. The final moments were so nice. It's amazing how overwatch community can be so toxic but also can be the cutest fluff ball of all gaming community

  26. Overwatch 1 will always have a special place in my heart. When the game came out I started to experience mental health issues for the first time and OW was an outlet for me. I’ll never forget all the memories and friends I made in that game, the excitement of making it into GM for the first time, how I called my girlfriend drunk as shit at 4 am the night doomfist came out just screaming “DOOOOOOOOOMFISTTTTTTTT” until she blocked me for the next 8 hrs (we’re getting married in april). This game means more to me than just a game. May it rest in the sweetest of peace.

  27. This is far-fetched but I just had an awesome time with some folks in QP. My gamertag is Saga. We just chilled and danced and tried to get people's achievements. If you were in my game, friend me!

  28. That’s how my last match went too - Lijang Tower on EU server. It got so hectic trying to get everyone’s achievements as we got less and less time.

  29. My final game was in Oasis, we had a 10 minute overtime as we just jammed on the point until the game shut down.

  30. I'm legit sad they ended it like 18 minutes early. I was in queue for a last game, and then suddenly, boom. Got thrown out of the queue, the general chat was flooded with koreans spaming (EU server) and queueing was impossible.

  31. My last game was defending on Hollywood. Close game ending in defeat, got robbed of potg with my quad kill by a double kill hanzo

  32. F. I've met some of my dearest irl friends through this game. There's a hole in my heart knowing it's gone forever. We're trying to figure out a new game to play since OW2 has very little appeal to most of us, but there just doesn't seem to be anything with the same vibe as OW1

  33. Last few games i had last night were Ws. Ended it playing my mains. Sym, Moira, D.Va, Genji and a final with Reaper. I felt like I did when OW launched and kept typing to a Torb on my team not to give up and quit.

  34. My last game was on Mystery Hero’s. We won, and I got POTG with reaper. I figured that was a good place to end.

  35. F. Jeff Kaplan had been with Blizzard for 19 years. He was the last holdout for the ethos of the old Blizzard that took pride putting in polishing their games to perfection even if it ment slightly lower profits. The old Blizzard was made of gamers who loved games and wanted to create truly amazing games. They were patient and were content to grow their profits at a slower pace by putting the customer experience first and foremost. Overwatch was the last Blizzard game to be developed with that ethos. It made millions each year, but Activision knows only greed. They used ow2 as a means of starving overwatching of new content. They forced Jeff out when he pushed back against the pyschologically exploitative battlepass system. And now, today, Overwatch 1 has died and with it the last of the magic of the original blizzard has died with it.

  36. I wasn’t able to log in last night or early this morning. I had 10 mins before 9am PST. I thought I could join one last game but it was already down 😔

  37. Got in my final competitive matches last night, still just borderline between high gold and low plat. Was here for the first, was here for the last. RIP beautiful game.

  38. I never played this game but I really despise the motive to discontinue the service as it's completely revenue driven.

  39. It feels weird to feel this sad over the ending of a game. I've never experienced a situation like this. Despite the amount of time I've spent playing it, I still can't shake the feeling of regret, like I should've played even more...this sucks. Hopefully we're all surprised by how well ow2 does.

  40. Man, i had some good times with this game over the years. I wasn’t expecting to feel sad about this but i do. I mean ow2 will essentially be the same game, but still, the magic of ow1 is now gone forever. I hope ow2 is a success. Despite all the negativity and the questionable decisions the devs have made recently, i wanna see this game succeed.

  41. So freaking ridiculous. Buy a game for $60 and even spend a bit on microtransactions over the years, then they take it offline 7 years after the release so they can force you to play a new title. Unbelievable.

  42. Yup. I can’t believe it man. This game was my escape during 8th grade around late 2016-mid 2017. That was honestly the best time to be playing this game. The vibes just playing with your friends and meeting new people online were just immaculate. I really can’t believe today was the last time we played Overwatch the way we knew it, and tomorrow, everything will change.

  43. Yeah they should have left it online and given players the option between OW1 and OW2. I can't believe that OW1 was making so little money they can't afford to keep the servers for it operating.

  44. There's an overlay message that pops up saying they have taken the servers offline in prep for OW 2. The. If you dismiss and try to connecting it just keeps spinning rotating through Connecting, Searching for game server, and connecting to Xbox live.

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