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  1. That pause at the end "Holy shit did that just happen? F9F9F9! WHY OH WHY DO I PLAY WITH A 60% MECH BOARD!"

  2. Before I go on a grind I'll play a round or two of quick play and when the situation calls for it try out stuff like this and see if it's a plausible swing to keep in my back pocket. It's helped me discover a lot of swings like this, and that rare time I need it in a comp game is really rewarding

  3. Like playing yoshi in smash and throwing and egg to get that little extra air time to get to the ledge snap to make up for only having two jumps

  4. Biting through a live wire is only a concern if you close the circuit in the process. He didn't close the circuit so no shock or harm.

  5. I have such a crush on all those who can play hammond well. I am not sure how to get the hang of him. Such a fun character if your good at him.

  6. His movement is basically it's own arcade game in itself. Like Lucio, if you take the time to spam play him for a week or so you will get good real quick and get a good feel for it

  7. Is this hero literally just a ball that rolls around and pushes people? Haven't played since he was released.

  8. I’m going through every comment trying to see what’s so special about this clip lol. Like what happened?

  9. I do this all the time to flank, escape and boop enemies. You can do it the other way too. Pretty basic hammond spot actually.

  10. As a Hammond main, this isn't very impressive. Took the long way out of a fight, putting him between the enemy and their spawn and very far from his team. Should have followed the hook through back to where he came from and began fighting or getting to his team.

  11. laughs while rollerblading on walls and healing teammates' bullet wounds with a song while holding a gun that moves enemies but not also myself

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