I just got my room assignment and it turns out I got Finley in the earth2osu floor. Is Finley really that bad?

  1. Finley has been recently updated so it's nicer now than it was in the past. I know some folks who lived in Finley and they enjoyed it. It's definitely not a bad dorm, though the size of the actual room is small so limit what you bring.

  2. Finley was renovated 2 years ago and is, in my opinion having lived there, one of the nicer dorms on campus now. The rooms aren't the biggest but they're certainly not the smallest on campus either.

  3. I was on the third floor in 2018 right after it was renovated. I actually really liked it! It’s next to DutchBros, Dixon, and I really like the Arnold Dining Center and Cascadia. There are definitely worse dorms on campus in my opinion

  4. I lived in finley last year on the 7th floor. Even though i was with the rotc people (who got loud a lot), i enjoyed my stay at finley! I liked that it was right by the dining center, cascadia and dutch bros. Its also not that far from dixon which was nice as well! I wouldn't be too worried!

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